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First of all: I apologize for my english. Its horrible, I know, but hopefully you'll understand what Im trying to write. ^^ Aaand hopefully it get noticed too.

As I burried myself in the game and I do really enjoy it more than original JWE - the challenges of the Chaos Theory stories mod, the new features, exploring new maps, new dinosaur AI... etc, I also noticing some issues that hitting whole gameplay... There is a few things missing and some should return back, and soooome even can use some tiny changes. For everyone who read it, I thank you in advance!

Bigger maps? Yesss! But also bigger dinosaur needs... Need to be addressed. The maps are really big - unlike some gaming fellows are saying that they are small. I noticed it is a dinosaurs needs that are impacting the space, and should be tune down a little bit. Some dinosaurs have doubled or tripled they space needs since first JWE.

SOLUTION: I would love to see a needs same or very much similar to needs from JWE.

Herbivore plants as alternative option - the herbivore feeders must return. Will love having feeders back! We know from the books and films, that dinosaurs have a inserted genes, which making them to be dependent on the lysine distributed via feeders from keepers. I would love to see herbivore feeders back. Also, making multiple species enclouser with species that each have different need for plants, making enclousers looking visualy horrible.

SOLUTION: Herbivore feeders should be a first-to-go option via research under the Enclousers > Feeders > Herbivore Feeders (Ground, Tall, Paleo). I would also in this opportunity see a Greenhouse return.

Too many major injuries. Need to be addressed as soon as possible. I love the dynamically happening events in my park with various traits of dinosaurs. Problem is in the chance of how often major injuries happens - is it simple too high. In my eyes, in fight between small carnivores like Proceratosaurus should be a chance of broken claw bigger than chance of organ trauma (which is happening weirdly often between all small to medium carnivores)...

SOLUTION: Tuning down a chances of injuries overall (we should be ready for them, but not solving injuries after every single fight happens...) and rebalancing them.

Single Trees decorations. I missing them a lot. So yes - the single tree decorations should return back.

SOLUTION: Its all saying, and I think it will be not such problem... Or yes?

Stop Ragdoll and Go Sleep - for tranquilized dinosaurs only. Not needed, but it would be nice official feature. Dinosaurs should not "ragdoll" when the meter for tranquilizing is filled, but should stop - and go into the sleep animation.

SOLUTION: Or the modders solve it again?

Daydreaming dinosaurs
- issue with eyes not closing. Some dinosaurs close they eyes when they are sleeping, but some dinosaurs sleeps with eyes open (as example: Triceratops...).
Broken fingers when walking - some dinosaurs have visually broken fingers when walking (example: Proceratosaurus walking and bending 2/3 fingers... that one was probably forgotten by animator).
Grass through the paths - when putting some trees around, the grass sneaks in...
Compy Hoppin' - not important at all, but theirs bunny hoppin' is getting over my head... They should prefer standard running before this hop-hop-hop walk.
Dinosaur sizes - should be revisited. Some dinosaurs have written 8 meter (ex.: some stegosaurids and ankylosaurids) and are smaller than creature with 4 meters (ex.: Dryosaurus). Maybe its accurate to real fossils, but then the text need some update.

Fence destruction
- probably a bug and should be addressed. When the storms comes, fences tend to be broken just after the storm warning (and i didn't met a tornado yet! XD), when storm even didn't started. And they are broken ultimately with hole in them without dinosaur help. Dinosaurs escapes. Repete with next storm.
Compsognathus shared sounds - some small carnivores like ex. Herrerasaurus, having some sounds of chirping of Compsognathus. Maybe a bug.
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