Feedback most of us probably will agree on

Heyo everyone,

After playing ALOT Planet Zoo in Beta and since the release, I'v gathered my taughts on what's missing and can be improved in my opinion.
Knowing I've played ALOT Planet Coaster aswell, and have a good understanding of the mechanics/gameplay and can probably build anything in the game.
It's obvious that I'm sometimes frustrated that certain elements just aren't there (yet) even though are in Planet Coaster.

Here is my list that I probably will update whenever game updates come along or I find new things while playing to add here:

  • The pathing, ever since update 1.0.2 the famous uninted path smoothing behavior was removed, yet I used so often to create smooth paths after laying out a rough shape with the grid option. This way I could create nice symetrical rounded paths that go from small to wide and visa versa. PLEASE give it back, or integrate it as intended behavior! I'm used to it from Planet Coaster and it just looks nice to smooth paths in that manner.
  • Where are our flexicolors? I remember the day when almost EVERYTHING in Planet Coaster received flexicolors -> Planet Zoo would look alot more colorfull with it!
  • Also since update 1.0.2 editable text signs aren't editable with text, atleast for me that is the case.
  • A search bar for both animal markets, where I can type things like "monkey" or "ape" and all animals in that category will show up... like our building menu's... you'll get it ;)
  • Animal markets that actually remember your last search settings after changing tabs within the same UI interface...
  • More scenery pieces, although I know they will come with updates no doubt and you guys probably making new pieces as we speak.
  • Is it possible to make an option that disables ground/terrain collision with paths? Even in Planet Coaster it's still so, but whenever we use the flatteting tool or smooth tool under/over/on where a path is that is considered elevated, terrain will still remain around the path. It can only be removed with the "push" tool... Whenever it's "on the ground" it even can't be edited at all... So an option to to toggle it on or off could really help ALOT in terra forming and the time it requires.
  • To go on with terrain editing, I'v noticed the maximum size of the tools is even smaller as in Planet Coaster, make it BIGGER, atleast triple it.
  • Remove the blueprints from the scenery item tabs (facilities,habitat, etc.), or make it like Planet Coaster with "tabception" where you can choose either blueprints or scenery items.
  • Better staff management UI: whenever I want to change their salary we need to change it one by one by one by one for example. Also a searchbar where I can type something like vendor and it shows me all vendors... then type in only once to set the salary of all my vendors how cool would that be?
  • Even though not avaible in Planet Coaster either, A reflect tool would be AWESOME and still is a missing tool for BOTH games. To be able to reflect scenery pieces even though if it only would be the non grid pieces is a huge gamechanger in the creativity of building.
  • ...

  • Not so much unlimited as I would have hoped, knowing we have scenario editor in Planet Coaster where we can edit EVERYTHING including guest spawnpoints and increase/decrease map bounderies etc.I expected it to be somewhere close to this from the start. -> love to have a scenario editor mode!
  • We need more options to disable certain needs for animals & buildings, for example: power, water, foilage in habitats, heat & cold, etc.
  • I'v stumbled on some buggy behavior also, that already is reported on the issue tracker. (self build buildings that are suddenly locked for example)
  • ...
Since I'm not a carreer, franchise or challange fan I'll leave that up to the people who like the management aspect as much as I love the freedom and creativity in building.
Plenty of these things probably have been said already or even answered. I admit I didn't take the time to search both the forums, reddit or social media of either Planet games for any of these suggestions or feedback.
As graphic designer/ art director myself and brother of a gamedeveloper I'm well aware how long it takes to create (3D) models and program new features into games as complex as Planet Zoo.
I have tremendous respect for the people at Frontier and as a company in general and certainly for their effort towards the community and their needs.
So let's hope atleast a few of these things will end up in the game at one point!

Let me know what you think...
One thing that I would REALLY like to have in Franchise mode is the ability to name my saved game. Even if I can't do it with the auto-save or the save on exit, the ability to name when I choose just to save and continue would enable me to be able to find certain saves that I may want or need to return to.
Remove the blueprints from the scenery item tabs (facilities,habitat, etc.), or make it like Planet Coaster with "tabception" where you can choose either blueprints or scenery items.
I hope they will change it. When I'm searching for Plants I don't want to have Buildings too in the Plants-Section of the Build-Menu just because there are Plants in the Building
I'm on board with all of those, but in particular:
  1. Any revisions that can be made to help smooth out the pathing system (no pun intended) would go a long way toward making the game more fun. Specifically, I think allowing for a path piece that's roughly 1/2 the size of the current shortest one would help, as would eliminating ground/terrain collision (or improiving the way "flatten terrain" functions).
  2. Disabling the need for staff buildings and utilities in sandbox mode would be amazing
  3. Adding a search function to the animal market (and zoopedia!) would be hugely helpful. It would also be nice to be able to filter by animal "type," general environment (not just biome but things like rainforest, plains, wetlands, etc), food preference (carnivore, herbivore, omnivore).
  4. Reflect tool
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