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Paige Harvey

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Hello Commanders, and welcome to the twenty-fourth Featured Commanders thread of 2019! This week we're talking to an incredible artist, musician and long-time Commander, StuffByNick!


Hello Commander! Thank you for taking the time (and taking off your headphones!) to talk to us. Could you take a moment to introduce yourself?

Hello everyone. I go by multiple names online: NickWeb85, StuffByNick, Commander etc. but you can just call me Nick!

Well, it's lovely to meet you Commander! Tell us, when did you first hear about Elite Dangerous?

A friend of mine, who was in an artists' collective, was always talking about it! He was a Kickstarter backer for the game and kept telling me that I'd like it. He was always talking about how he was saving up to buy an Anaconda and I thought that the Community Goals sounded awesome.

That's great! Commander's have flocked to the game from all different walks of life it seems! So, what was it that first got you hooked on the game?

It's hard to pin-point exactly what hooked me, but my first time in a Sidewinder left me in awe of how you could go anywhere and do anything. It really appealed to me. I was able to get pumped up in Haz Res sites or go out and relax doing some therapeutic mining. I could even head off into the black for weeks on end! It was the breadth of opportunities that grabbed me.


Sounds like you've been all over the galaxy! However, we're not just here to talk about your journey through space, we're here to talk about your awesome creative streak. When did you first start creating content around Elite Dangerous?

I started during my first trip to Colonia in October 2017. I had heard about Colonia and planned to go out there in my Cobra MKIII, but upgraded to an Asp Explorer just before making the journey. I bought a Cobra MKIII bobblehead and put it in my AspX and took that instead so both ships were represented. I knew it was going to take me a while to get there, as I hadn't touched engineering yet, so I turned the two week journey into a documentary of sorts. I took many screenshots along the Colonia Highway and I made a forum thread on it to chart my journey. In February 2018, I joined the newly founded SPVFA (who were previously interviewed here) and it's been a whirl ever since!

We love SPVFA and were so pleased to interview them as Featured Commanders in the past! Let's get more specific, what’s your favourite piece of content that you’ve created around Elite Dangerous?

Now you're asking a very difficult question! I've made short videos, cyanotype prints, screenshots and sketches, but, I'm rather fond of the music that I've created using sounds captured from the game! I'm also very fond of the intro sequences I've been making for Sagittarius Eye's new documentary series. Being their head of video is immensely rewarding, and you get to see so many awesome and talented people pooling their skills to produce quality content on a regular basis. You still can't beat a great screenshot though!

Sometimes simple is best! If you could give one piece of advice to every Commander, what would it be?

Do your research! In my early days of flying I sometimes found myself lost, but I discovered so many great resources out there! There are so many helpful commanders who will take the time to help you, and once you know the secrets of the galaxy, it all becomes yours for the taking!

Become the master of your own destiny, got it! Are there any other content creators you’d like to give a shout out to?

Oh yes! Firstly I'd like to shout out SPVFA and Sagittarius Eye. There are also awesome people like CMDR ToCoSo, Buur Pit, Ghost Giraffe, CMDR BeetleJude and OrangePheonix who is the unsung hero of SPVFA. There's also everyone else who I haven't mentioned yet... I feel bad I can't mention them all!

We know the feeling Nick, we'd be here all day trying to credit all the incredible Commanders out there! Do you have any cool projects on the horizon you’d like to tell us about?

I've been working on a new series for Sagittarius Eye, another video series under my CMDR name and a few new music tracks... but no dates to announce at this point ;)

We're looking forward to seeing all your new projects come to fruition! Where can people find you online if they'd like to check out more of your work?


Thanks for chatting with us Nick, we'll see you out in the black!

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Great interview! I certainly suggest Cmdrs keep an eye out for some of Nick's projects still in the works theres some really cool things coming 😉
Also thanks for the shout out Nick and keep up the Krait work ő7
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