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How should cargo storage be implemented for crafting?

  • Storage on ships that can then be put in storage

    Votes: 10 10.2%
  • Storage on stations (seperate from a ship, bought or rented)

    Votes: 46 46.9%
  • Storage on ships in stations and seperate cargo storage

    Votes: 42 42.9%

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In Argentina, there are many farmers who will sit on mountains of grain for many months while they wait for the market price to increase - it is not an exploit, it is merely that they want to get the best price for their grain, by forcing the price up by denying the market any grain until it becomes a more valued commodity due to its apparent scarcity. (there is not much import, and unions are like mafias in this way, extorting people's hunger for more money...)

Buying a few hundred tonnes of eg, biowaste at 8cr, flying some missions and returning to sell it at 10cr each, when the demand is higher, is only business sense. It's not an exploit, I don't think - not like trading or speculating in futures or buying interest in stock that hasn't yet been produced or whatever... *that's* bullswhack exploitation.

This. I didn't word that very well.

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Yeah, buying a company that produces a $5 pill for kids with cancer and charging $1000s for it isn't an exploit, it's just good business! Business people...they don't think like normal people! ;)

I bet you're an Imperial slave trader... Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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Agree in part, storing modules 'Yes' given they can be hard to locate. Storing cargo as in Commodities 'No' open to abuse.

Still not groking the abuse - what I find a buy a crap load of Painite and horde it thereby driving up prices? Do you really think the economics model for the game is that sophisticated? Have you NOT watched an Anaconda go into a death spiral because an Eagle is behind it and it cant figure out which way to turn? And you think they build a realistic economic model that encompasses 400 BILLION systems?
Yeah, buying a company that produces a $5 pill for kids with cancer and charging $1000s for it isn't an exploit, it's just good business! Business people...they don't think like normal people! ;)
I mean, yeah, that's exploitative.

However it is not a good parallel for the post you quoted.

In the farmers example, they were withholding product, in an attempt to inflate demand, while waiting for the market to swing in a more favorable direction.

The "Pharma bro" had a monopoly on the product and set his own price point independent of the market.

Not saying what the farmer's do isn't nefarious in it's own right, but I wouldn't equate it to the pharma bro.
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That I cannot fly somewhere in a Hauler, buy a large FSD, Shield Generator or some guns and bring them back to my home port to equip on another ship is RIDICULOUS. What do people haul in this galaxy, if not goods? And I would think that SPACESHIP PARTS would be a pretty darn POPULAR CARGO. But apparently these things are moved from place to place via teleportation in this universe.
...If you find a rare mineral, you are almost certainly going to want to store it for later, given that it might take you several days to find minerals such as: <snip> and a few others, which are exceptionally rare on planet surfaces.

FDev have already implemented the solution to "How should cargo storage be implemented for crafting?".

The minerals you will (presumably) need for crafting are not stored as cargo in your hold. They are held separately, and move with you when you swap ship, and even survive your being blown up.
At the least we should be able to move cargo into a stored vehicle. There are a number of systems where haulers can't get to large stockpiles of commodities due to station limitations. Having the ability to fly a short hauler to fill up a T-9 would be both realistic and fill a gap in the trade system. As it stands, the only way to consolidate a large load is to hire 3rd party short haulers.
Devs have already stated in a previous update specifically related to request for storage and said explicitly that it will NOT allow players to store cargo at stations.
It was publically voiced in the statement that this position was being taken by the development team primarily to prevent players stockpiling certain cargos and influencing future player involved community goals- i.e Hutton Orbital mugs and so on.

So give up on this one - not going to happen as it is too open to exploits (in the development teams view)

I am still unable to see the problem in this perfectly realistic scenario.

Can anybody explain what exactly FD considered as "exploit" here?
Buying low, selling high? Being smart (or lucky) enough to predict which goods will be in demand in the future?
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Actually, as Mike Evans said here, they might think about doing this in the future.

Though I still can't see the problem in
We do not want players to be able to stock pile resources in their cargo holds and store the ship so that they can wait for an appropriate meta game event to happen where they can capitalise on their exploits.

We want players to have to operate in the moment to moment game play so that when the event occurs that means certain goods become very valuable they have to go and find those goods right then and there to make a good profit not just get their stocked up anaconda from weeks ago out of storage and take advantage without having to do anything special or risky as part of the event.

Also, note how devs here want us to play their "open world" game only in the certain way, chosen by them.
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