faster LOD deterioration or models disappear sooner.

You must be reading this thread thinking "what ya going on about".

So in planet coaster, LOD's change as you zoom in and out.
However with the 6 LOD's system, the lowest LOD model is seen when you're on the other side of the map, over a mile away.
This is fully understandable when we're talking about buildings / structures etc.

However. im working on smaller models the size of your Hand atm, which im keeping underwraps from the community, where id like the models to disappear, and are not rendered at all Way before you're fully zoomed out in planet coaster.
Certain models of a certain size will simply not be seen from medium zoom let alone fully zoomed out.
Its a waste a resources from an optimisation perspective having a model that has 50 or so poly's and you wont even see, not even a pixel on your screen.

So my question is. what would you suggest to solve this?

Ive been workign on the LOD's and for some of my models ive used the last 2 lowest poly LOD's as a single flat polygon.
However i wish i could just model up until the 3rd or 4th LOD models, and simply not have a 5th or 6th LOD model.

Is there a way around this?
As six LODs are required (you get an error without them), I'd say just switching to the a low poly piece for the last two LODs is probably your best bet.

I've noticed that smaller objects switch to LOD 1 much sooner than larger objects, too. I think objects do cull completely after LOD 6 if you're far enough away; at least, they seem to disappear suddenly (rather than just shrinking beyond view) when I scroll way out. By that logic, small objects should cull when they're far enough to be out of sight.
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