[FailedFBXLoad] [ugcPreBuildFailed] [ugcBuilderFailed]

I continuously keep getting these errors from the tool (they got them in stream too). All of the descriptions say to contact Frontier about the issue. Is this a known bug and going to be fixed?

When i don't get t he first error message, it says my model is too small, but i have a model that is 4x4 on the Blender grid. Also my units are set to meters, and the unit scale is set to 1
Yep I have the same issues since the last hour ! Even when I upload a zip file that had no problem to pass 2 hours ago. Guess it's a bug.
Also having the same issue.. nothing will upload, even zips that uploaded successfully in the past.. I wonder if they know it's down? Has anyone managed to upload anything in the last hour or two?
So just right now I could upload 3 files that failed during the last 2 hours and it's working fine, if you guys want to try.
Exactly the same.
2:36 AM it worked again.
3:03 AM it failed again. ("Conversion process returned a non zero exit code: 10")
3:31 AM worked again but now the files size after convertion increased from around 860KB to 2.225KB... (again with the exact same zip!)

Everything with the exact same zip file.
Will be asking folks about the issue in the morning. It's 1AM in the UK right now, 7PM my time. :)

Thanks, sleep well haha.

I have just tried the tool, now i get the model is too small error again while it is certainly not.

EDIT: So i got it to upload and the status changed to building, but then it ge'ts the failed status again with the three messages i have in the title of this thread
I'm having the same issue this morning, where everything I've tried has been rejected by the builder with these same error messages, including files that went through successfully yesterday.
Working fine now.. didn't work first time, but I was logged out.. then when I logged back in, it worked perfectly. Thank you.
Relogging did seem to work for me as well. Unfortunately now i get the "too small" error. I guess i have a long way to go :p.

EDIT: Well saving it as binary instead of ascii fixed that. Now for the texture to work xD. It is a lot of trial and error.
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