Explorer's Anchorage: A Missed Opportunity?

I flew out, in my T10 equipped for mining, from the bubble to take part in the CG - and to see the new station first-hand - as this is the 'biggie' in terms of outfitting and a new megaship.

The disappointment in going to a station that looked exactly like an old extraction station in the bubble, (complete with broken lights!) was my first reaction. Seeing the construction work going on outside is interesting, admittedly, but I think like QL and a few others I'd expected something 'shiny & new' to acknowledge the community effort.

Well, I'lll continue shifting bauxite for the CG, if the station doesn't actually go into lockdown (allegedly the 'handiwork' of just 10 players) today. If that happens I think it will be dump the mining gear and re-equip for a trip to Beagle Point, as I'm in the neighbourhood :)
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