Expedition Proposal: The Galactic Flower

Hello everyone! This has been wracking at my head a little, but as I've been planning a personal expedition of my own, I've realized it's gonna be kind of hard doing this alone.
While this expedition may or may not be incredibly planned out, I was at least hoping to see if anyone would be interested in a circumnavigation of the Milky Way across each of its arms, and potentially some spurs if they're distinct enough. Mostly because, as I said, I need some people to do this with... Due to the pattern, this would make, going up and down each arm, I decided to name it The Galactic Flower.
I'm still working out the waypoints and just how it's going to be done, though. Repeating myself from earlier, would anyone be interested in joining me? I understand if anyone's a little worn out, as DW2 has just recently concluded.
@Clairelanolli You should ask @iain666 because he a) has experience with this sort of undertaking and b) hasn't done it IN YEARS!!! nudgenudge:p

It's seven months since I got back from my last go round, hardly years :p

I'm taking a break at BP and not planning on doing another circumnavigation in the near future, happy to answer any questions my experience of doing it solo and scouting for DECE could help with though.
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