Expedition proposal - The four corners Expedition (not for the faint hearted)

I was just looking at the expeditions list on EDSM and saw that you only need 9 fellow commanders' interests to register an official expedition and get it tracked so, here is an expedition I have been planning for quite some time (and actually already attempted, but died on about half way around).

The idea is simple: This is a circumnavigation with the intent to reach the furthest systems "north east south & west" based on their co-ordinates, as if you were imagining a compass on the galmap. plus a jaunt through the core & colonia for anyone who may need repairs / restock or even wish to abandon about half way through.

This will be a truly epic trip I expect the route to measure at a guess 400,000ly possibly more and the timescale would be around a year long, it can certainly be completed in less I did about 2/5ths of the route in 6 weeks on a previous attempt, but that was pretty intense playing. In the outer edges of the galaxy stars can become pretty few and far between, I would recommend a ship with a minimum of 65ly jump range with Premium FSD boosts in the bank and ideally an SRV in case you need to top up those boosts.

If you are not elite in exploration before this trip, you certainly will be when you return, and likely a multi-billionaire too.

The main waypoints will be:

- HIP 21991
- LYED YJ-I D9-0

- HIP 21991

In that order, I've selected the waypoints simply by spending a good amount of time in the Galmap looking for systems with the most extreme co-ordinates so please let me know if you think you know of systems further out. If people are keen for this expedition and it gains a following I will add additional waypoints that are Points of interest along the way, some well known, some not, but all intriguing for sure... you will see just about everything the Galaxy has to offer if you complete this trip. The starting / finishing system is pretty arbitrarily chosen, it was my home system for the first few months of the game so just for old times sake but may change.

Please comment if interested :) I'll be looking to depart around the beginning of summer, no exact date in mind yet though. May consider delaying if commanders that are interested are currently on distant worlds 2.

CMDR joshscales o7
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Ha, hi, I have seen your tag ALL over the extremely far out systems o7 must've been quite the pioneer. Cheers for that advice I'll update it shortly, I actually already have the ANGOSK system bookmarked with the intention of visiting it at some stage but I think I'm going to leave it out of this particular trip, I want to take a ship that's not typically used for exploration out to that one one day.
As Allitnil says, looks like DECE reached the parts that other ecpeds only dream of :)

In terms of cardinals, there are multiple N, E, S & W depending on what you're using a the centre of the compass - Sol? Sag A? Some arbitrary system? Any rules for how near the co-ord line you need to be (see https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/220552-Cardinal-Points where I set my rule to be <1Ly off the relevant x;y;z lines).

Fly safe and far Cmdr

Geomon, Duckfather and I all did similar expeds a while ago; Guardian FSD Booster, and engineering may have moved some of the cardinals further out since then
I'm using the Co-ordinates as they're presented on the galmap, so measured from Sol, but centered on the galactic core. I would say centered on Sag A but it's actually a few ly out.

To qualify as the "furthest" system in each direction it must simply have the highest positive or lowest negative value on the given axis. Where the difference between 2 systems along an axis is within a single LY hopefully just by looking at both it the galmap one should be visibly closer to the next LY marker than the other.

It does indeed seem that most systems out in those directions are already discovered, but still it is a monster of a journey which I cannot wait to finally complete after having foolishly being wiped out by a High G planet 180,000ly into the journey last time. Fortunately I still have all my valuable discoveries bookmarked ready for the next attempt.
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I would totally be down for this! I would also recommend the highest system up & down, as they are also wonderful.

When are you leaning in departing. I'm on Distant Worlds 2 and won't really want to leave until I return.
Nice! I also have a friend in an FB group who would likely tag along so this is a decent start. The expedition doesn't have a start date yet, well aware many explorers are likely to be on DW2 so definitely willing to wait for DW2 to end before setting off. I had been thinking summer but DW2 returns more like end of the year right?

As for highest and lowest, I actually would love to do that, but... On EDSM the record highest / lowest reached systems seem to be a very VERY long way from the next closest system. I believe these might be systems that Devs created and gave access to a few CMDRs for purposes of pictures / publicity as I've heard that was a thing at one point.

However I'd be happy to include just a very high and very low system roughly in line with Sag A and do that as part of the "jaunt through the core".
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