Expanded multi-crew powers

So after streaming multi-crew exploration and its limitations today, I'd like to throw out some ideas that I'm /hoping/ wouldn't be too terribly hard to implement. This isn't even asking for shared payout. This is purely to help the CMDR in charge. While this is primarily for exploration, it is not limited to that, and could help out the combat aspects as well.

1: Give the multi-crew seat access to target holograms. Just being able to see what is targeted would help with planet identification. I can't even see the target system if I'm riding shotgun. The pilot just aims at a black patch of sky and jumps.

2: Let other crew select targets in the nav panel or contacts. And give Helm the ability to limit these if they want. Just like SCBs and Heat Sinks.

3: Let other crew add temporary way points to the system and galaxy map. Just bookmarks with a five minute time limit. That's all. Let us ping the map. One person can fly and scoop, the other or others can look over the map for potentially interesting features. Wolf-Rayet? Seat 1 just put a temporary bookmark up on the galaxy map for the Commanding Pilot to fix as a more permanent bookmark or ignore and let it time out.

4: SLFs are a thing that multicrew can fly. Why not SRVs? Have someone fly top cover. Have someone scout ahead. Find rocks, fallen satellites, secret bases. Something.

And for the pie in the sky probably totally impractical but pllllease...

5: Let players park sidewinders on big ships. Not holograms. Not Telepresence. Let someone hitch a ride on my exploraconda with a tuned-up sidewinder. Give me a hyperspace-capable scout ship so I can fly 5kly out, drop off a sidey with someone else inside, and then log-off and go to bed or something. We do our own thing for a few days. Rendezvous a couple hundred light years away, dock, and either fly home or keep on going. It would also be a reason to have Sidewinders.

The basic tools are there. Please do something with them.
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A friend and I were talking about some of these ideas just tonight!
Agreed that it would be great to have more multicrew functionality that's not combat orientated. Our ideas were to allow the crew member to use the map to 'suggest' navigation points to the commander that the commander could then accept or reject.
Another idea we mulled over was for the copilot to get their own set of sensors with a wider arc, effectively the benefit to the commander of having a additional crew member was to improve situational awareness. The co-pilot could then 'suggest' targets to the commander who could then accept or reject them.

I was thinking of making a post but you beat me to it :D
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