General Engineering options for AX weapons?


the AX weapons were the main way of fighting the Thargoids before the Guardian weapons were added. This has been some time has Alba Tesreau in his Aegis institute developed no improvements on the AX weaponry over the years?

I guess the AX weapons were an experimental technology when they were introduced but they were used in Thargoid combat with success so they are no longer all that much "experimental" weaponry. With the introduction of Guardian weapons the AX weapons were absolutely overshadowed. If you look up any video about fighting thragoids, everyone goes for the Guardian gauss cannons.

Maybe, to prevent them getting too good and starting overshadowing the Guardian weapons, the AX weapons could have only 3 engineering levels instead of the standard 5. For most parts the modifications could be the same as for normal multicannon and missile racks, without the possibility to apply experimental effects on them.

Another nice addition would be gimballed version of AX multicannon and AX seeker missile rack. There already is a turret AX multi-cannon which can sort of work as a gimballed version so why there is no gimballed version is sort of baffling. The AX seeker missiles could require the Xeno Scanner installed in order for the lock-on function to work so a player would need to use one utility slot in order to take a full advantage of the weapon. At the same time the Thargons could work as "Thargoid missile shield" so they would attack the missiles and so a player would still need to take care of the swarm first.

Also the PD module could maybe get an experimental "AX" effect where it would no longer target human missiles, torpedoes, mines and limpets but it would instead target thargoid caustic missiles and Thargons - again only working with the Xeno scanner installed.

I am just throwing some ideas here. I am not saying that it should be possible to engineer the AX weapons to out-perform the Guardian technology but maybe having some engineering options so that people perceive the AX weapons as "weaker than guardian weapons" rather than "obsolete"?
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