In-Development EliteBoy - Android companion app

Hello everybody,

I started this project in October and I think it's stable enough to share it with you CMDRs.
It's an android app and its main features are:
  • Login with your elite account to show your profile
  • Read the latest news from Galnet
  • Search for a system or a station with filters (something like EDDB)
  • Search for nearest service (like Inara)
I'd like to implement an Engineer assistant, where you track your materials (like EDEngineer), a ship building tool (like Coriolis/EDShipyard) and, in the very far future, I want to implement Google Assistant to use all these features with your voice (pretty much like EDDI's plugin to Voice Attack).
As you read in the paretheses, I want this app to be an all-in-one tool for Elite to be used from your phone.

The name comes from a mix of Elite and the Fallout series Pipboy, but it's not definitive.

Some images:

The app uses the EDSM Api to get all the information about a system or a station, I tried to keep the requests to a minimum but it's kinda impossible when doing a search for a station, since you'd have to first do a request for stations in a system, and then for each station do a request for market, shipyard or outfitting; I don't really know how to optimize that.

The project is open-source and it's available on GitHub here:
The releases are here:

You could pretty much just use the app, since I integrated Google's Crashlytics and I get a notification of every crash occured.
If you're interested in participating in the developing, read the Readme in the repository.

For any suggestions or issue, head over to Gihub or write in this thread.
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