Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Alpha Rollout Plan

Where do we report bugs and issues? The Issue tracker or some place special? I can't seem to get rid of a bounty i got while not knowing what iw as doing lol. Also where do you buy e-breach?
I'm assuming that in Phase 4 the entire galaxy will be open as well? Certainly don't want to think about trying to cram all those FCs into 50Ly worth of systems...
and also any chance to move us to a bit less stretched out system?? spending 10mins in SC to get to a planet to test things out just to die get critically injured 2mins later and going through SC again is kind of stopping me from spending more than an hour before I get bored to hell, I mean out of that hour 40mins is usually in SC. or is that what we are testing?:p
I suspect it may not be out today. It was a long weekend and the kids are off school, all opf which means people will be on leave at Frontier. I do hope this is not the case though!

Yea I doubt Dave and Arf would say that they plan on releasing the second phase this week then turn round and say sorry chaps we forgot we're off work tatty bye.
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