Release Elite Dangerous News - Another Discord feed bot

  • Works on multiple discord servers
  • Properly and stylishly parses original article formatting
  • Gets latest Elite Dangerous feeds (by the minute)
  • You can set a channel you want the automatic news feed messages to go
  • You can also have a role set to ping when a new article comes in
Latest Release: v1.3.0
  • Fix/prevention of bot crash when someone tries to message the bot (yeah I see you).
Previous Release: v1.2.9
  • Dirty fix for posts not showing up on all servers

Go ahead and invite it with the following link if you want to test it out:

The source code is online at my GitHub:
EDCodex Entry:

Here's some example photos of the bot in action:
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NOTE: Anyone that was using this bot previous on their server, while I was doing some testing, I kinda broke server settings, and they'll just need to be re-setup on your servers.
Latest update should fix the weird formatting on posts. Additionally, the issue with posts not showing up should be resolved.
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