Release Elite Dangerous HUD Mod (EDHM)

Any news on a release version for Odyssey ?
Not yet, but the Beta version should work totally fine for your initial modding needs (as of Update 6). The main developer has currently paused development because of personal reasons but we hope he'll be back soon.

Hmm btw, the color values are different between ody & horizon right?

I used EDHM-UI and there's a profile "orange sidewinder" which looks like the default color in the preview pic, but when I applied it, the text color is white in game.

Is that normal, not sure if i have messed up anything.
Yeah, colors like the panel XML can look different in EDO with the different renderer, which is also why the UI has no preview yet.
For the white text, check the Text color setting in the HUD Setting section of the UI and make sure it is set to Elite Default. Not sure if there might be an issue with the theme.
Hello there, I seem to have these slight color differences from the preview, to the actual display, like a pure green, goes lightish blue, does anyone have any idea what could be going on and how to solve this? Maybe its been discussed already, could you kindly direct me that way. I apreciate any help.


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Is there any way to do this manually?

Hiya, sorry for the slow reply, have been away for a month.

Unfortunately we can't duplicate Nate's Witchspace in Odyssey just yet as we don't have an 'Explorer Mode' like we do for Horizons

Once we figure out how to turn off all the cockpit lights then I (or Nate) can get the dark witchspace effect happening again

EDHM Beta version 8.1 for Odyssey has just been uploaded to the EDHM discord

Here's what's changed:

Bug Fixes:

- most (hopefully all) orange icons have been found and re-modded. Some may break again in FDev Update 8, but hopefully not as many as Update 7 (there were a lot!)

- we are very pleased CMDR Mystler found a method to fix the glitch on the speed bar. I thought it was unfixable, so please send your gratitude to CMDR Mystler for this great fix!

- Mystler has also fixed the glitch associated with the inverted / highlighted text mod. It no longer causes the fuel scoop and other text to be blurry, and has been re-included in the mod

- the Status lights on / off states are no longer relative to each other (previously the ON state was relative to the OFF state). Due to this fix, you may need to re-configure your ON state colour

- player ships on the radar have been fixed and are now hollow as they should be. I couldn't test this fix extensively as it's really difficult to find other players in Odyssey. I spent a long time at Shinrarta and only saw one player after a few hours. Please let me know if the radar is still showing a coloured square for player ships (it should be hollow)

- fixed the hull blocks (under the holograms). Under some circumstances the damaged hull wasn't displaying darker than the healthy hull

- same with the hull on Thargoids, the damaged hull should now display correctly. But please let me know if there are still any problems with hull bars

New modded elements:

- The blue text around the AHUD can now be coloured separately to other blue text. This is useful if you'd like to leave the mission text blue but prefer different colour text around the AHUD

- Fuel scoop. You can change the colour of the bars that show scooping rate / amount (not heat level)

- By request, you can choose the colour for the ship sketch on the Advanced Maintenance Panel

All Material quality levels

You no longer need to set Material Quality on Ultra to load the shaders correctly, you can use any material quality level. However, I recommend leaving it on ultra as it makes the HUD look better and has little impact on FPS

Phantom / KMII cockpit lights

You can now turn them off. Please see the #3rdpartymods channel in the discord

Coming soon

I'm really looking forward to these awesome additions:
  • Mystler is modding the foot HUD
  • Jessidhia is modding night vision

I hope you enjoy this update!


Too bad :cry:, why only on "discord" ? 🙄

Hiya, mainly because the Odyssey mod has so many options it really requires the UI to configure, and the UI dev (Blue Mystic) and I can provide better support on the EDHM discord rather than on the forums. I don't visit here very often, but I'm active on the discord most days

You can download (and install the mod) via EDHM UI

Or you can grab the mod (without the UI) from my GitHub

EDHM Discord

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