Elite Dangerous Cosmetics Spring Sale!


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Greetings commanders!

To welcome in the new Xbox Game Pass community we will be running a special 25% off sale on a variety of cosmetics in the Elite Dangerous store!

This sale will run until Friday 5 March and will give you the opportunity to find the paint job of your dreams at a lower price!

Check out our store to find the cosmetic for you!

Spring sale is broken. In-game purchase failed and NO paint is discounted at the Store website.

Something happened/changed since yesterday when the announcement was made on Twitter.

Yesterday I was able to purchase two paint jobs at discount price. Today I log in to get another one and was surprised by this.

Already sent a ticket to Frontier Support, but still... what gives?

Dear Frontier, at this point it would be fair if you extended the sale a couple of days once you get your store under control.
Discounts were all there last night in the XBox Livery store, knowing the sale was scheduled to run until Friday, I spent all night farming the last billion credits I needed, purchased my Fleet Carrier this morning and went to buy stuff for it only to find the sale has utterly vanished for everything.
Is there any word on an ETA for getting this fixed and us being able to buy stuff with the discount again?
I'm guessing from how the sales have disappeared and reappeared a couple of times now, that Frontier have to manually flip it back on each day after it automatically turns off?
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