In-Development Elite Dangerous Companion Codex App

Dear FDevs or anyone who thinks they could pull this off,

Can we please get a companion app or a browser portal that would allow us to access the codex in real time when we are not logged into Elite? I just think that there is a lot of utility to being able to check codex entries when out of game. When I'm at work I can't play Elite but I would love to see when new anomalies are found. If something is found in an area of interest that I'm not aware of, I'd love to get a cell phone notification so I could check it out when I get home. I don't think it would be incredibly complicated since the codex is just I'm assuming possibly an SQL database? You could just develop a front end for it that would work on phones and browsers and a notification system. You could even link it to Active Elite accounts so that if we chose to get custom notifications we could. I think it would GREATLY increase the functionality of the codex, which is already awesome by the way.

Just a thought ;-)

CMDR ForceGoblin AKA XForce_games
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