In-Development Elite Cockpit Event Extender (ECEE)


Introducing ECEE!

ECEE basically extends the in-game warning system (i.e. flashing red lights when heat gets too high) to your desktop area using the Blinkstick Square smart LED controllers. Found here; (

ECEE can be fully customised to trigger from ANY event that is written to the journal file in real time, with any combination of colour, by using either a flash or rotating lighting pattern that can be set to continue for a specified period of time.

The events I am currently monitoring/triggering are;
  • Under Attack – Rotate - Red
  • Jump Sequence initiated - Rotate - Green
  • Jet Cone Boost completed – Rotate - Purple
  • Text Message received from Player – Flash - Yellow
  • Heat Damage – Flash - Orange
  • Discovery Scan complete – Rotate - Lime
  • Docking Granted – Rotate - Green
A short video below shows ECEE in action, although I am limited at the moment with what I can trigger being 60k ly from Sol J. For ease of videoing i just used one in the centre of my desk.

My actual setup currently uses 2 Blinkstick Squares, but any number will work with ECEE. I have one mounted either side on my HOTAS setup (see pic below).

It’s technically ready for release now if folks are interested, however I was thinking of adding some kind of GUI that allows easy modification of the text file that lists which events should use an ECEE trigger, which colour to be used and the type of lighting pattern triggered. I do not have any knowledge in this though, so may take a while, however it’s really not that difficult to add custom events to the text file.

Thoughts, comments, suggestions would be appreciated.


CMDR Malek
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I do this the hard way on console by using remote controlled lights and presets. Theres a phone app to control lights too. Console has to MacGyver everything 🙄
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