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I think I found a bug...

When clicking on my "Bigger, smaller, hotter, colder..." badge, it now lists a class B super giant I found yesterday as the "farthest from Sagittarius A*". This is incorrect, and the "Records, Celestial Bodies > Stars" list doesn't reflect it either. At the time of discovery, at least one other class B super giant farther away than mine had already been discovered.

I believe this should be removed from my badge.

Should I report this on GitHub?
Is there any plans for a feature that will allow you to plug in co-ordinates (equatorial and galactic) and return near by systems? This would be so, so useful!
If I remember correctly you can type in xyz coordinates into EDDiscovery (route planner tab?) and get the nearest system. You can do a search in EDSM for systems within a specified distance in a spherical or cubical search. If you’re asking for the Raxxla search hypothesis you mentioned then I think you’ll need to get the parameters of the line equation y=mx+c from the RA and Declination you have, then plug in various distances (say every 100ly) to get a coordinate triple then do a search around that point.
Because it bugs me a bit going into my fleet page and seeing my main explorer being a giant yellow image with a question mark...:p I figured I'd submit the proper images, per the website's FAQ for them to use in their ship images database. However, the FAQ doesn't indicate how to submit the images other than to say "send it to us". So I'm wondering, do I send it to an email? If so, what is the email address? If not, how do I submit?

(images I'm wanting to submit are the Krait Phantom Salvage paint series, 6 total)
Gday, I cant believe I only just found this post! I wrote an interface to do this myself using the old API and XBOXAPI as a data source. The main problem I see with this one is that it only uploads every minute... An average jump cycle is around 45 seconds. Does it still upload systems that are visited and left before the cycle loops around?
Hi! I would like to make a few suggestions about the advanced search, celestial bodies.

1) Make the slide bars also have text boxes. Each tick of the slide bar is too big when searching for things near the arrival point. Also, there are so many planets incorrectly labeled as 0ls, so I'd like to specify 0.1 ls to 5ls.

2) For planets, allow a filter for the system's star type (or preferably, the star type of the star (or stars) it orbits.

3) Allow a search/filter of more planetary details like orbital period or semi major axis.

4). This might be a bug, but if I choose "Any" planet type and landable, it still shows non-landable planets.
Yes. If you use the EDSM API get_logs it will return your list of visited systems up to a week long.
I guess what I am talking about is the frontier API. EDSM polls every minute, I could have entered and left a system in that time. My php script queried xboxapi every 30 seconds. Do you know how much retention the frontier log API has?
No, sorry. But I've seen EDSM get data for many systems in one update, so presumably there's some parameter in the API it's using which allows it to go back. I don't know the Frontier API specification.
Is it still the case that any systems added to EDSM don’t end up on EDDB? Discovered bodies in existing systems on Sunday that are still showing blank on EDDB. I’m using EDMC so that could be part of the issue.

Another question is about the oldest stations list. Are there issues with updating the mega ships/prison ships? I visited The Master of Courage yesterday but still shows it’s old count. Normal bases and stations were updating fine.

I saw another topic, , and thought, wouldn't it be simple to just download the stations dump off EDSM and go through it to pick out such a search, and it turns out that landing pad size is not part of the information provided. Looking on the web site, it seems it's not held at all.

Can it be added, since I'd like to use that information too?

Edit: In the end, I see that EDDB has not only the pad size info, but also an EDSM ID in their systems record... So I can get what I need from there, but whether you still want to consider adding it anyway, would be my suggestion.
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Those are friends of yours. Mouse over the stack icon on the upper right of the map area and uncheck "Friends' positions".

I know this because of DW1 and 2:
Every time I log out and then back in the box is checked and the green squares are back then I have to uncheck the box again, how do I get rid of them permanately?
I'm new to PC and am considering this EDSM. My big concern is bandwidth - how much does it use? I'm assuming it just uploads some text after each jump. I have a monthly cap, so I have to watch bandwidth closely.

My other question is can I set my EDSM data to private? I don't want everybody out there to know my location, my fleet composition, etc.

And finally, what real benefit does EDSM give over in-game tools?
I don't know about the bandwith since I'm on PS4, so it downloads the data directly from the servers … I think.
My travel log is private and thus I think also my current position.
Dito for my fleet … I think.

Advantages: you will contribute to better data for people like CMDR Orvidius or me that do analysis on the data. Dito for spansh or up to date data. So by doing (almost) nothing, the wider community contributes. It's like SETI at home (is that still a thing?). Many crumbs will make a cake ;) .
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