Release EDDiscovery Lite - Inara, EDSM, EDDN, Spansh, EDDB updater and Screenshotter

EDDLite is a Windows Application which assists you in piloting in the Elite Dangerous universe. It can update the community websites with your commander progress, has a screen shot capture, and has hot buttons to jump to various community sites.


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It allows you to upload this data to the following sites automatically to keep them updated with your exploits
  • Inara
  • EDSM
  • EDDN
  • IGAU

It also allows you to go directly to the relevant page on EDSM, Inara, EDDB, Spansh for your system and location. You can go directly to Corolis or ED Shipyard with your current ship build.

EDD also support EDMC Plugin integration, located at EDD-EDMC will have the details when released.

It has a screen shot converter to allow the .bmp files to be converted to other formats automatically.

EDDLite is Elite Dangerous Discovery little brother - it builds on EDD technology but provides a simpler and smaller solution for commanders wishing to have just these features available. It also used much less memory since it has a lot less features:
  • Data storage is less than 1MB on your C drive.
  • Memory use is <50MB
  • Does not store user logs or star data on your disk so it has low disk usage - perfect for your HDDs.
EDDLite works on the PC. Unfortunately Frontier does not or cannot support the API required on XBOX or PS4 to output journal entries to the PC for us to use.

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I'm pleased to see people using EDDLite - I'm not getting much feedback on it, probably because it just works! (hopefully). Here are the EDDN stats giving some idea of the use of the EDCD programs

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