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A question: 3D map used to show systems with stations in blue, so I could relate myself to the Bubble easily. Now it's gone and I'm not sure if it was removed or I just switched it off somehow. How can I turn it back on?
Sadly tat's no longer a thing because the needed data is no longer stored by EDD.
There's a new 3D map in work, so maybe it comes back in the future.
A version will be released on Wednesday for Odyssey provisional support, but will be marked as a pre-release version. Use this if you want some basic odyssey support.

It will add two new panels (suits/microresources) and know about the new odyssey events.

It needs testing with the release since the alpha stage did not have a stable journal and thus its not 100% tested.

Many systems in EDD need updating for odyssey, such as the voice output and voice recognition. These will be updated throughout the summer.
Spent a happy morning playing around in EDO. Then switched back to Horizons to continue progressing my second account Fed rank. Had reached Post Captain on 18th and done quite a few Rep++++ missions since then. Unfortunately this afternoon realised Fed & Imp ranks (Post Captain & Duke) were not being displayed in the right panel Status tab, nor was the level increasing, both stuck at 100%. Same thing was displayed in EDD, so suspect a problem with the Player Journal files today! Raised a ticket, but.....
Edit: and my EDSM dashboard is showing the same thing...
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They sprung a surprise on us over the bindings.

If your start preset file just contains one line custom it will work

New version out asap but I'm still fixing it up to work with the journals
Thank for your answer. But it still doesn't work.

And I found binding-file-name changed after installing Odyssey, "Custom.3.0.binds" → "Custom.4.0.binds". I think this is a cause.
I had a Custom4.0.binds file as I participated briefly (for a total of about 4 hours) in the first phase of EDO Alpha due to unforeseen RL situation.

I had no problem with binds when playing EDO and, on my second account, Horizons yesterday. Apart from in Horizons where the StartPreset had defaulted to M&K. Selected my HOTAS from the drop down & good to go.
Hopefully the EDO fix last night will recover my Commander rank data!
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The latest version is 11.10.3, many services starting blocking submissions from lower versions in the last days as lower versions don't check if the data is from Odyssey.
You should definitely update as it makes no sense searching for errors if you're using an out of date version.
I just came back from unexplored space, checked EDSM, and...
No system data transmitted at all in 11.10.3, except for flight log and coordinates.
It is like in previous versions when doing only an EDSM, but no an EDDN sync.
I don't see a EDDN sync option in the menus as well.

Am I missing something? Do I have to upload my journals manually to EDSM now?

(All Horizons stuff, I'm not talking Odyssey.)
I believe the latest version is 12.0.2, though I’m not sure if this the “temporary update for Odyssey compatibility”.

My commander ranks are still borked in Horizons even after loading game hotfix2. 😢
Ah indeed, had that one enabled. But I was docked when I checked EDSM... :unsure:
Well going to try with that setting off.

I was wondering because earlier versions had the option to do the EDDN sync.
I had to do that manually, then stuff showed up on EDSM. With that option gone, I was lost on what to do...
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