In-Development anybody else using this?

Saw a link to on twitter and downloaded the app.

Its an .exe you run and it locates your log files and uploads them to

You register an account and then you can see this data.

It has a navigation option that you can display on your smart phoen or tablet so you can follow it to a destination you want on planet.

The website doesnt use https - I am assuming cos its still showing as under developement.

Norton AV whinged about its installation and running as its only used by 5 other people according to there own stats.

If there is already a thread here apologies for duplication!

Copied from the website:

Need help?

If you have any questions or maybe need some help - visit our discord channel. We always glad to see new pilots! ED-VOID Channel
Want to help?

We working hard on this project because we love it. Love ED itself, universe, exploration, science and competitive tasks. But anyway it take time and resources. If you wish to support ED-VOID development and servers maintain - support us on
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3rd party developer?

ED-VOID Client is open-source project. Interested how it works? Or maybe You have some ideas how to make tool better - come around. Contributors always welcome
ED-VOID Client on GitHub

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The answer is: 51 users using it right now.

ED-VOID is interesting phenomenon. It's our first published pet-project :3
We started it w/o any ideas to push it on a public, with most important features for us - scan log and navigation tool.
And unexpectedly it comeout handy and smooth. Now it's on heavy development rails with a lots of upcoming features.

And I'm not afraid to say that we gonna do something-something, that no one did before. And it's gonna be awesome.

Btw: - client code is open. If you have any issues with .exe - you can try to build your own client :3
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