In-Development ED-Router: A neutron router

o7 commanders

I've created a simple app, primary for the VR players. But hopefully it makes things easier for every one.
It's neutron router which uses as backend.

It can be used with hotkeys, or as VoiceAttack plugin.

An alpha release can be found on the git repository
ED-Router: A handsfree helper to plot neutron routes throug the galaxy
ED-Route is a companion app for Elite: Dangerous. Standalone or as VoiceAttack plugin. I've created the app primary as a helper for deepspace exploration in VR (Rift/Vive)

ALPHA version! use for testing only!

Installing ED-Router
If used as stand alone, just save it on your desktop and start. If used as VoiceAttack plugin, copy the files to your VoiceAttack Apps folder ([PROGRAMFILES]\VoiceAttack\Apps\edrouter and enable plugin support

VoiceAttack commands
next_waypoint, copies next waypoint to clipboard
prev_waypoint, copies previous waypoint to clipboard
open_gui, opens the GUI of ED-Router
calculate_route, calculates a new route, starting from your current location, to the destination you entered in the GUI. Copies the first waypoint to the clipboard

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Just an idea, not sure if that would work, but would be great to have: Would it be possible to read out the jump event from the flightlog and automatically copy the next waypoint to the clipboard when you jump to the previous one ?
hey, great piece of work....
Im having an issue when saying next waypoint.
in ed router, it jumps 2 waypoints.
it types CE in the galaxy map search field and then paste the waypoint following the one it should paste.
another issue it is in german? is their an english version?
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