In-Development E.D.I.S.O.N - Orbital and surface navigation / Waypoints

whats the problem to translate into Russian?) can i help?)
Besides the translation itself, I would need to make a couple of changes to allow EDISON to be translated (I've never planned on doing this).

So unless there is a high demand for translation, I'd rather spend time on fixing bugs and implementing new features.
Oh I forgot to mention this when I got a new monitor. Is there a way to move the UI indicators? On a wide screen they are offset to the left.
Edit: I'm using 3. I'll go look for this 5.1.
And there we go, instructions to move the markers. Carry on.
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Hello, I have a question, I'm looking for a tool that will allow me to circumnavigate a planet, and this one might help me, is there a way I can use this tool to get me to the other side of a planet/moon, and then back to my original co-ordinates?
Thank you so much for this app. It's awesome. This is exactly the kind of thing that has made switching from the PS4 worth the time and money. I bought you a beer. 🍻
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