DWE2 Exploration Music


So this has been my music for today's leg of the journey as I attempt to catch up with the rest of the fleet....
Something to really motivate me to get a move on.


Normally I'd be in more of a mood for stuff like this while out in the black....


Or the piece from Destiny which we've all at one time or another deliberately gone to orbit and left the game idling just to hear...

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I usually go to di.fm

Then pick channels I feel like: Space Dreams, Atmospheric Breaks, Synthwave, Ambient, Chillout, Chillout Dreams.
The name of the station I'm docked at currently is Caravanserai.

I knew there were a couple of different musicians who'd done works with that name (or similar) so here they are.

I love Kitaro and he's always good for the "romantic cosmic" angle.

Santana made an entire album with that name. And if you're into that sort of Jazz Rock, it's very good for traveling music.

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My wife and daughter aren't home yet, so for you time being at least, I'm a union man...

I've been listening to a lot of OK Go on my way to WP 5

A posted a few weeks ago some retro synth fun (from Kosmischer Läufer) which I feel has a wonderfully classic sci-fi vibe about it, and so very suitable for an expedition in an ongoing 35-year-old space adventure.

If anyone agrees with me that such synth action is what Elite needs, Pye Corner Audio released a splendid new album Hollow Earth this week (for those who spotify, link here).

It's very good, and very spacey.
After jumping through the K class and ending up between these, I felt it was time for some blues.



I'll listen to pretty much anything with assertive kick drums and an awesome vocalist. Floor Jansen is probably my favorite singer at the moment. Her live interpretations of Nightwish's earlier stuff are just stunning. Her new project Northward is rockin too.
I am now addicted to this group.

Yeah, I'm back at it again. I know they're putting on that show and all, but I think what sells it, beyond the music itself of course, is that I think they might just believe it a bit, invested on a spiritual level of sorts, not just the obvious pageantry of the thing. Might sound weird, but I've had a few.

If they're going to be showmanship heathens anyway, they might as well do it with some conviction, style, and grace. ;)

Cheers. :)
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I seriously want to make a DW2 music video with this song. The WHOLE thing. Not just the bit most people are familiar with.

Anything with Dan Felder basically. Or Tommy Shaw for that matter. :D

Of course our own Elite Dangerous community has some talented musicians too. :)
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