DWE2 Exploration Music

That break down jam that comes at around 2:30 minutes in really did it for me. Nice... what do they call that? new retro wave?

I guess it's synthwave. Found them looking for background music while working. The cover art and music totally captures Elite's slice of life among the stars ascetic!
I use this sort of thing:

and plenty more.

Any DW2 staff reading this - I've tried a few times to get in touch via Discord but not much response - I've a couple of hrs of unique sounds I'd very much like to submit to the radio for the ...benefit.... of the community.
(apologies for blatant self promotional tendencies)

However this
is what reminds me of playing the original in the mid 80's.
I love Pantera and it is a good cover, but it's still a cover. Sabbath is just that bit more gentle and relaxing, like mushrooms to Pantera's LSD.

<Scans thread>

Not a single Bowie track? REALLY? Son, I am disappoint!


The original spaceman rocker.

Space Oddity
Ashes to Ashes
Hallo Spaceboy
Across the Universe (cover)
V-2 Schneider
Ziggy Stardust
Fantastic Voyage
Loving the Alien
...and on and on
Not sure if I posted these here, but either way, it's what I'm on about again. Something with ginger beer and this while exploring does it for me right.




When you die to a PvPer, I'd suggest listening to this before posting here.


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