[DW2] Xbox One WP5 formation jump

Greetings fellow Xbox Commanders!

I have decided to take a leaf out of the PC crowd's book and get a bit more professional with the organisation for this, so that the whole thing looks even more awesome :)
Rather than have instances form randomly I would like to coordinate winging people in, and have a proper formation with everyone knowing their position. We will use a Formation Leader who will control the jump - everyone will throttle up when they do. We will also have Wing Leaders who will coordinate a four-ship, getting them winged into the instance and into position. Lastly one Commander will be Camera Ship - they will stay behind in a suitable position to film the jump for everyone. Ideally the Camera Ship will use external storage as the Xbox can take only short video clips using internal storage (irrespective of space available).

The idea will be to have full instances of 16 ships (or as close as we can manage). To help with the organisation I have made a little Google form - if you would like to be involved please sign up here: https://goo.gl/forms/TgLqoI7mEcynd6Hm1

Time: Sunday, 2000 UTC Europe; time TBC for US jump. Please be around at least an hour beforehand (preferably earlier) so we can sort ourselves out.
Location: Boewnst TG-J d10-1245 1 A

Winging-in instructions:
  1. The Formation Leader and three other Wing Leaders will form a wing, and all drop at the intended location
  2. They will then all leave this wing and create wings with their assigned wing members
  3. Wing members will then drop on their Wing Leader's beacon

Please make sure you are friends with your Wing Leader in advance of the event so that they can wing you in.

Formation details will be circulated once names and numbers are finalised.

Fly safe! o7
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