DW2 - Organized Mass Jumps - Central Info Thread

Well, crap. I was too late to be pulled into the mass jump instance. See you all at BP.

Edit: saved by the summer time, had an extra hour, wooohooo!
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Ok, duly noted. Personally I'd rather have one as having a set date motivates me. :D

I'm already scared of the return trip, though with some luck Thargoids will mess Human space enough to find the will and get back. The main fear is that I'll stop at some point and won't find the incentive to go on until 2020.
Guys, staying at BP is just too risky, reports of gankers in the PG, too, just had an SRV destroyed in open. I'll be leaving ASAP and checking the forum for the organized events elsewhere. If I will be able to adjust my course to meet you all again, I will. It has been a privilege and an honour to travel with you.
The mass jump crew has done a group trip to Salomé's Reach (and had some fun there), including a mini mass jump. Video of that can be watched here:
We had a good time and it was cool to finally meet the members I haven't before. Also started working on a compilation video, listing all names of our participants :)

We're currently discussing if we gonna do a final jump away from Beagle, probably on May 19th. So keep your eyes open for Infos.
You get an invite if you're invited. Otherwise you don't.

People who get invited will be those who jumped with us in the past and who are reasonably well known to us.
I've never been part of a mass jump and I thought it might be an interesting experience. I'm at Semotus Beacon right now. I only knew this was a thing because somebody mentioned it on squadron chat.


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After failing to be part of the mass jump at Paellini due to being killed by an NPC, I've not been part of any of the other mass jumps. Just found this post about this one from BP today and would have liked to have been involved. Hope it goes well. :)
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