[DW2] Let's see your DW2 photography!

I should be about 250 jumps away from Beagle Point, as the crow flies. Ship's a bit beat up, but still going strong.

Unfortunately, there's a rather large region of permit locked systems between me and BP. So I'm having to take a detour...

I'm now about 250 jumps away, and with a relatively clear shot at Beagle Point.

I say relatively, because I had to plot a route to a star 300 light years above and to the left of BP in order to plot the whole thing in one go. A drop in the bucket, compared to the ten kly remaining. :D

Still stopping to explore along the way, of course.

A binary pair of water worlds. If only I could land on that polar ice cap...

A quadruple sunrise, along with the two brown dwarfs in the system (to the left and right of the central stars). You really barely see the smallest red dwarf in close orbit of the K class star. The planet itself was a terraformable world with the lovely name of ABCD 1.


Squeezed in a few more systems between getting home from golf and starting to prepare supper. Couldn't resist landing on this tiny moon with the unlikely designation of A8BA... which looks a lot like "ABBA" :)

edit the second:

one last one before bed :)

I got a little closer than I'd intended, but what a view!
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In the second part of the series finale, we look at the Crossing of the Abyss,

from the wonderous discoveries…




...the soul-wrecking loneliness of the crossing, when system names one normally would ignore become the highlight of the day...



...until we finally saw signs of human presence in the vicinity of our desitination, Beagle Point.



On May 19, 3305, the remnants of Distant World II gathered one last time to collectively jump out of Beagle Point...

...before we separated to begin the long journey home.

Final one from me. Thanks for this great thread!

Ceeckia FZ-D d13-0 - Looking back (near Beagle Point).
After arriving at Beagle Point and doing 'Salomé's Reach' my favourite image from 'The Solitude Void (Region)' is from Ceeckia FZ-D d13-0, a little further out from Beagle Point.
Never going to get a new paint job!

Given how many systems I kept finding that had been previously explored by others (thus spoiling them for my style of exploration) once I was within 5 kly of Beagle Point, I was surprised to stumble upon quite a few unspoiled systems this close to Beagle Point. A few highlights:

Stumbled upon close binary worlds that I wanted to take a closer look at.

I just had to take a closer look at that large red blob on the other world.

Turned out to be fairly unremarkable once I got down to the surface. :rolleyes:

It's a pity there's no hand tracking in VR. It's kind of humbling to think you could hide all of the Bubble with your thumb at this distance.

Another set of close binary worlds:

At long last:

Making the jump to Witchspace!

At the base camp.

It's been a long road, getting from there to here.

Time to head back home!
From yesterday and the night before, these are more along the lines of Commander's log pics...

"Can't... resist... DSSing... this... world..." 😖

"Blue Swirl"

Found a way in... Out?

"Why Hello"

"Final Countdown"

"Beagle Point View"

"The Ronin Way"

"Distant Sol"

Here you have a collection of 600 photos made by me during the whole DW2 expedition. It took a long time to collect all the shots and give them appropiate names, but it was worth it.

All of them have the name of the system where they were taken and the name of the Point of Interest featured. Each stage of my expedition is an album, and each stage corresponds to one of the weekly routes of the DW2.


Some examples:

Hope this is still ok for all of you, here are some Screenshots from the Voyager Trail (which I still consider to be a part of DW 2, reaching Beagle Point was just half the way ;-) ). I'm still some ways away from home, so there'll be some more pictures coming. Hope you enjoy it.

The Blue Peach Nebula


The Aether Nebula

The Phroea Ploe Nebula Cluster

Chryseum Void Hearts in Shrogaae KK-A D983


The Singularites Playground
A few more...

The Isegrim Nebula

The Hollow Veil Nebula

The Hollow Veil Guardian Sites. It's been ages since I've last seen Guardian Ruins :).

The Red Storm Geysers

Leaving the Red Storm

And a hint of civilization, Morgan's Rock! Strange to see other ships again after 6 Months in the black. Hope I still know how to dock...

...I do. This paintjob stays that way!

Our final stint, just a few more jumps ;-).
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