[DW2] Let's see your DW2 photography!

We aren't even in visual distance to Kansas anymore.
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A few quick snaps


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Today, on why it's taking me so long to get to Beagle's Point...

Jumped into a Neutron Star for the boost, stayed for the exploration:

The Neutron Star had a red dwarf companion, with six bodies floating around it, all of which were terraforming candidates, including three planets that already had life on it.:

An Earthlike world:

A Waterworld:

and this little gem:

And the system itself:
Had a little chat with a DBX CMDR before Turjan turned up and we helped him film some shots for his video, before another 6 CMDRs turned up one after other.

Beagle Point (20190505-200441).jpg

Beagle Point (20190505-210906).jpg

We lined up SRVs next to the big boy...

Beagle Point (20190505-212943).jpg

Beagle Point (20190505-213025).jpg

Before the obligatory SRV races started around the circular shape of the main ships. 2 laps a pop, mucho fun was had.

Beagle Point (20190505-220806).jpg

An unexpected evening at Beagle Point.
In the first part of tonight's series finale, we look back at six months and 65,000 light years of Distant World II,
starting with the few dumb brave Commanders attempting a coordinated mass jump in the open,

through the formation of OCD Squadron,



the innovative application of ships and vehicles,



and the discovery of the origin of the Diamondback Explorer.

We'll be right back after these messages.
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