[DW2] Let's see your DW2 photography!

Crossing the abyss makes me think of a song. I've been through the desert on a horse with no name...

There are water worlds, though. I found a system with 3.

I have arrived.
Some more shots from the way to Beagle Point.

Nice rings in Prae Pruae TL-B d14-14 (there is a gap in them, however no shepherd moons this time)

I've noticed this gas giant with bright shining spot (it's rather dark there, despite it is actually the sunny side, however the spot can still be seen in the right "corner") in Blae Flyuae DL-U c17-0 system. According to EDSM it's just a regular class I GG.

Just a nice ELW on orbit around a ringed gas giant in Fache KK-A d1 system:

Class IV hot Jupiter in Pro Chruia XJ-I d9-29 system (tnx cmdr. CL4P-TP). The combination of GG's color and light from a close M-class star makes it glow:

And of course the obligatory Hula Hoop photo :)
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