[DW2] Let's see your DW2 photography!


I'm sure there will be many screenshots taken, video recorded, streams shared, and more. Let's see some of your interesting pictures from the journey!

Here's a few of mine so far:

Meetups at Brooke's Point over the weekend:

DW-3302 Visitor's POI beacon:

And away we go!

Distant Worlds on Wiki
All of mine are:
A) at home
B) posted in the Discord photos thread

I have images from each major location along the way (not of every jump, that would just be silly)
These are some of mine from Launch day.

Hope you guys like them.

Pallaeni Meeting Point - Expedition Launch Point.

Distant Worlds 1 Tourist Beacon. Minutes before launch.

Meeting at POI #01 (Fine Ring Sector JH-V C2-4)

Taking in The View near the tourist beacon with fellow explorers. (HR 6164)

Twins :D

CMDR Ainur
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I'm having a really hard time getting myself to use discord at all. So many threads/channels, and it's an on-going fire hose. I just can't keep up. :D
My secret is I don't try. I look up every so often and see if I can help if I see a question. So many channels. Can't keep up on all of them unless there is a way to monitor more than one and I don't know about it, which is possible.
ELW in GRIA DRYE FE-A c17-20 that I was having fun with due to the # of stars, and the new lighting.

ELW in PLAA AESCS KI-K D8-61 I was also having fun with. It's got a -20 degree tilt and pronounced icy poles, similar to some HMCs and WWs.

27M credits in 1 click. No need for Void Salt.. er Opals. :) Did I mention the system is loaded with Low Temperature Diamonds?

Speaking of close....
PLAA AESCS KI-K d8-116 4 B A

Double trouble, and a pink gas giant to boot! There are a lot of geological sites on the brown potato moon. I wanted to get some screenshots but was pressed for time.
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Let's craftily stick this for a bit.

I'll be adding pics to my twitter feed as well from where I find them on the forum etc.


Just don't tell Brett ok? ;)
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