Distant Worlds II Event [DW2] Distant Worlds 2: Discovery Submissions

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Found a moon (a) circling a distant gas giant (B2), approximately 98 KLS from primary (Plaa Briae GT-Q c18-7 A) that had 11 Biological POI's. They were Crystalline shards which gave pure Yttrium! Furthermore, the amount of Yttrium present was enough to fill my mats, starting from 80ish, without depleting the field. This was taken at Biological POI Plaa Briae GT-Q c18-7 B 2 a: Biological (2):

Crystalline Shards

On closer inspection, the crystalline shards were found to glow faintly purple in the absence of light (turn off your headlights!):


While I was not the first commander to discover this type of Biological structure in the Formorian Frontier, I filled out the discovery form for it, since the pure Yttrium fields made it interesting.
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I almost forgot to post this one. This one is pretty close to Waypoint 11.

Name: Beelzebub's Basin
System: DROOTEOU YG-S D5-58
Body: B 1
Geosite 5
Sulphur Dioxide Fumaroles

This is sort of a bowl/depression in the canyon of the closest planet to the system's B star. It contains Sulphur Dioxide Fumaroles. The planet is tidally locked so the nearby star should always be facing into the bowl. It's possible (not sure) that if you get to it at the right time the A star will also be in the sky.


More images:





Also worth mentioning, this planet has some other beautiful canyon areas, this area was just above geosite 15. There may be other beautiful spots as well.


You can almost see the A star in this one, it's corona is just peaking over the horizon.
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on my way back to the bubble, I stumbled across a system. Inside I found a gas giant, which holds itself 6 gas giants as moons.

I wasn't sure how special that was, but I thought I'd post it.

Name of the system: EOK BYIO VZ-S C19-8

Maybe it becomes a POI :D



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