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Name:Antigone (submitted for Galactic Mapping Project)
Game map search ref:PRUA PRAU IH-Y C3-0
Description:Roaming the galaxy, I found a place which should teach us all a story. Following a lone encrypted radio signal close to PRUA PRAU IH-Y C3-0 brought me to two earth like bodies in close orbit to each other and a small world which could be seen as their "moon". The sight of two "earths" was unbelievable, but the signal did not lead to any of them, rather the small moon was the source.
Adhering to the first directive of not disclosing your own presence to pre-interstellar flight civilizations, I approached carefully. This close to the signal, by board computer was able to decrypt the cipher. Universal translation indicated a kind of automated SOS, in an ever repeating loop. But why encrypt an SOS?
Closer inspections showed some early space flight structures on the moon, habitats and solar panels. Clearly, this colony could not survive on its own and was depending on regular supply. But there was no other signal of any kind around...and no sight of any life on this moon either.
I approached the first earth like planet and found it lush and green. But no civilization. The same sight waited for me on the second planet. Carefully I flew deeper as my planetary landing kit did not allow me landing on such a body. Scanning the surface, I found strange structures and craters below what I would call "tree tops". What I believed from the orbit to be lakes turned out to be huge flat glass surfaces. Puzzled I visited the other planet for the same sights.
As landing was not an option, I continued my scans and found a lone satellite in the Lagrange Point between the two bodies. It was dead, but capturing it with a limpet was no problem. The cipher turned out to be the same as from the earlier signal, and a story untold started to unravel when activating the satellite as it connected back to the same station sending the SOS. I was able to pull more and more information, so I recap what seemed to be the final days of these two - now unnamed - worlds.
For eons, both worlds orbited each other, and two civilizations arose, watching the close sibling in the sky. Each civilization watched in awe their partner. They both rose quickly, having a clear goal in sight where they each wanted to go to. One civilization finally made the race, and the first inter-planar travel occurred. But the first meetup was bloody. The visitors from the sky were behold as gods but instead of praise, death awaited them. Both civilizations were yet to learn the foundations of philosophy and art, of mercy and patience.
The second expedition was more careful, and observed the evidence of the massacre of their first crew. They answered with fire from the sky.
In the following centuries, both civilizations were bound by a single common goal to conquer each other's earth. With the first spaceship landed on their planet, the second civilization caught up quickly in technology. Weapons and shields were build, bigger ships with bigger weapons. Rockets. Nuclear weapons. An inter-planetary war of hundreds of years ended what could have been a symbiosis of two alien races. One civilization was able to build a small colony on the far moon-like planet, but survival was depending on the supplies, which ceased after a phase of cold war turned hot.
Now, this single signal is all what is left. A SOS, encrypted, to even protect from an enemy without mercy so close. It might cease soon, so I rather repeat the story here to not have it forgotten.
Commanders, let's take a minute of silence for those two civilizations, which rose each with the sight at the horizon like the picture below, nursing a belonging for the skies... but falling short so miserably.
I suggest to name the system Antigone and those two worlds Eteocles and Polynices - in memory of what might have been.
This is CMRD Arnagus, last witness of Antigone, signing off.
Screenshot reference:


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Found a system with a pair of stars (yellow and red) orbitting VERY close (only 2Ls apart). It's actually part of a trinary system, with the third star a bit further out, but still pretty close.
System: SMOOTOAE UP-G D10-135

The third image below shows the 3 stars, with the smaller red star eclipsing the bigger yellow one. The first two images show just how close together they are - less than a star's diameter, so almost touching.


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POI Name: Mag Itha
POI Type: Remarkable moon full of mountain ranges and lonely peaks.
GalMap Ref: Swuenoi AA-A h86 A 1 A
Description: Commander Jav Marlo found this system during Distant Worlds 2.

Extract from his log:


Resuming Log. I continue to look for high mass systems on the way to Luna’s Shadow, and I think I might have found something in system Swuenoi AA-A h86. The system contains two stars and many high metal content worlds. There is vulcanism activity in just one rocky body, the only moon of the first planet.


The Hyperion approaching Swuenoi AA-A h86 A 1 A

The surface of the moon is covered by very deep craters and lots of peaks and mountain ranges. I am going to land on the verge of one of these craters that has a huge peak on the other side.


The Hyperion landed at Swuenoi AA-A h86 A 1 A

I have rested and now I feel ready to continue exploring the surface of the moon. From above I can see many lonely mountains, and one peaking above the rest.


The Hyperion exploring the surface of Swuenoi AA-A h86 A 1 A

I have tried to land on the peak, but I could not do it. This system is in the region known as the Formorian Frontier. The Formorians are a supernatural race in Irish mythology. They are often portrayed as hostile and monstrous beings who come from the sea or underground. That remind me that, according to Irish mythology, the site of the first battle fought in Ireland, that confronted the Formorians with the followers of Partholon, took place in a plain called Mag Itha. The plain of Mag Itha is said to have been devastated by Partholón's army. Three hundred Fomorians took part in the battle, and Partholón was victorious. Well, from above this mountain I feel myself like contemplating the battle field of Mag Itha and its many scars after the confrontation. I can not think of a more appropriate name for this place.


The Hyperion hovering over a peak in Swuenoi AA-A h86 A 1 A

I wish I had more time to spare on this place, but I must go on.

Spoijio KC-V f2-230

I probably should have used the external camera for this, but I was just too surprised by the setup to think to do anything but grab a screenshot. The primary star is a black hole, but orbiting it at a distance of 3LS is a neutron star:


Dropping in on a black hole and finding myself extremely close to a neutron star's jet cone was a little unnerving.

Orbiting at a little over 1100LS was another neutron star. And then a secondary star in the system, at over 100,000LS out: another neutron star.

I also found a black hole with a white dwarf orbiting at 7ls out, and two more white dwarf stars (and a type-K) orbiting much further out.

This is probably mundane for most people, but I did not expect to encounter such a thing.

I have been taking far too few screenshots lately, but I plan to step it up a bit as I make my way to WP11 and WP12. Last night I stopped in a system with 79 stellar bodies. I decided to call things then, but I will see what shakes out this evening.
Cho Thua HD-A d14-0
This system is in the Abyss. In addition to two water worlds there are three moons with Crystal Shard Biology. Two of them are icy worlds. One gives Ruthenium, one Technetium and one Antimony. The moons with biology are 365KLs from the primary. Moons BC 2A, BC 3E and BC 3F. Methane Ice Fumaroles and Water Ice Fumaroles.

Very dark for the most part. The picture below has a Blue Giant overhead that is only visible because it is has the Galactic Core as a backdrop.

Skuequae N0-0 d7-3

I found a system with 5 terraformable high metal content worlds, one of which (c 4) has a 99.9% water atmosphere. Two of the planets orbit each other (c 3 and c4) while orbiting another (c 5).


Slaiyooe OX-L d7-6 A

Here, on planet B 3 I encountered one of the most extraordinary sites I've seen so far. On this other wise unremarkable planet I found, firstly a rare phenomena of more biological sites than geological ones, fourteen to four. This was further compounded by the life forms being "Crystal Shards" and thus interlinked with sulphur dioxide fumeroles. I landed at several sites and the number of crystal clusters at each was incredible. When each and every one I tried dropped nothing but pure Polonium I felt like I had found the crock of gold at the end of some great galactic rainbow. This system was also En-Route from Thomaski Point Memorial to The Grand Rings. I would like to posit this as an essential stop for those pilots travelling to or from The Abyss. Ten minutes here and there is never a need for Polonium in either direction.

Source: https://imgur.com/wteaLjn

Source: https://imgur.com/f2C4wQb
Crystal Shards (Antimony) found on the border of the Formorian Frontier and Abyss. Very dark and atmospheric.

System: Cho Thua FY-G c24-0
Body: BC 4 C

Name: The Trip Triple
System : Praea Chraei RI-K d8-34

EDSM : Praea Chraei RI-K d8-34

On my return trip from Beagle Point, I was fortunate enough to discover this system with all three life bodies. An earth like world, a water world AND an Ammonia World!

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Stuemeae CC-D c12-5083

A system with 30+ls wide rings around a ammonia gas giant. looks spectacular, and you can't miss it as you enter the system... it has 4 moons inside the outer rings
I went throught this system in march, but i was so excited to see the rings that i forgot to bookmark it. So after the DW2 finish I had to go back and find it one more time.

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I found Chystalline Shard field at TRUECHOU KD-K D8-157 Planet C1.....all the Yttrium you can eat. Goldmine baby.

View attachment 128221

This is absolutely confirmed. Well done, Cmdr! This system is also worth a visit in its own right. Plenty to see and do here. Not visually pretty, but a great stop off to fill up for the trip to Beagle Point, or home as the case may be.


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Planet of Slightly Lesser Death
GalMap Ref:
Blaa Eohn YZ-G d10-0
Description:Like the infamous Monde de la Morte (Spoihaae XE-X D2-9), this system consists of a planet which orbits perpendicular to the core white dwarf's jet cones close enough to pass through them at either end. While not passing as near as the exclusion zone unlike its eponym, the cones themselves still create a severe hazard for landing which should not be attempted while the planet is inside the jets themselves.

Discovered during preparation week for the Distant Worlds 2 Expedition the system's general proximity to the bubble proved to be a decent journey and risk experimentation with spectacular views down the cone of a white dwarf for early explorers and veterans alike.
Sys Map:

Also This:
Live clip of discovery: https://www.twitch.tv/distantradio3305/clip/SnappyHandsomeSproutPipeHype
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I found a system, between waypoints 7 and 8, with two records of galaxies on a planet. The smallest and lightest water giant in the galaxy so far. Duly registered on the EDSM records page.
System: Aemost OO-Y d1-817
Planet: B 8
Radius: 15,988 Km
Earth masses: 17.6078

I found a system, between waypoints 7 and 8, with two records of galaxies on a planet. The smallest and lightest water giant in the galaxy so far. Duly registered on the EDSM records page.
System: Aemost OO-Y d1-817
Planet: B 8
Radius: 15,988 Km
Earth masses: 17.6078

And with rings too. Nice!
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