[DW2] Distant Worlds 2 Arrivals Thread

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CMDR A1isone
Roster #2291
Ship: Unknown Soldier; Ship-ID: OCH-DW
Arrival: June 12 3305

Mixed feelings about this. I was so excited about DW2 after the fantastic DW1, but due to real-life and different timezone, it felt a lot lonelier. Especially after a serious bout of RL put me behind the fleet by nearly 2 months, so Explorer's Anchorage to Beagle Point was a completely solo venture for me.

DW1 I went and never completed, it was wayyyy to early in the game for me to try something that massive, and I gave up.
Always wanted to complete the trip, to See Sag A, and to help in making a real impact on the game.

Check, check, and check.

Gonna take the Voyager route home, see you in the Black, Space Cowboy
So, some impressions from Beagle Point...

https://www.bilder-upload.eu/bild-98f8cc-1560324416.png.html - ANGEL
https://www.bilder-upload.eu/bild-da63c4-1560324452.png.html - ALIENS?
https://www.bilder-upload.eu/bild-d3d8a3-1560324503.png.html - SECOND STAR IN BEAGLE SYSTEM? ;-)
https://www.bilder-upload.eu/bild-8cfa3f-1560324559.png.html - BROTHERS

...for some reason, a direct way didn't work. But you'll see brothers, a second beagle star (?) (can you find the "star"?), angels and...
well... let's go for semotus beacon then...
Thank you so much for putting this together. I was a relatively new player, and scraped together every credit I could find to buy my Phantom, I even had to gut my last ship and reuse most of the parts. I wanted to explore, but had never made it that far outside the bubble; never sure how far I could go without running out of fuel, or into disaster. I had a ton of firsts in this expedition, including mining and neutron jumping.

Now I'm looking forward to the long journey home. Maybe I'll make it back in time for DW3, but I'm in absolutely no hurry.
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Just double checking...

Is this up through and including the 13th, or ending on/by the 13th?


Based on info from the Discord channels, it seems to be through and including the 13th.
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Finally touched down :D it's very nostalgic feeling to be here again.
Even tho I am not part of the official DW2 roster, due to me not having time to play for most of the time the expedition went on. I still want to share that I made it to Beagle.
Inspired by the brave pilots that carved a path for me. I departed Sol 20.5 and after aprox. 110kly I made it there today :)
O7 to all the commanders taking part in DW2...and to all that have the long way home ahead of them. Fly safe!
Finally made it! Went out on this expedition with haste after finding out about it by accident, and was almost completely unprepared. Got myself a Diamondback Explorer, one level of FSD range engineering, and set off to catch up with the fleet. It's been an amazing adventure, and I managed to improve my FSD range a little over the course of the journey, eventually winding up with a reasonable 39.51LY range by the end.
Real life issues got in the way a couple of times, pushed me way back on the schedule, but I caught up the first time. Then had to backtrack from nearly being at WP8 to go back to the Explorer's Anchorage to get an AFMU. See, I never neutron boosted before this trip, and tried it out after the landing at the Anchorage since it seemed safest incase I managed to get vaporised. But, what I didn't know was that the FSD took damage so quick! So, I got that and set back out, and never really caught up with everyone after that.
And so here I am, right on deadline, finally arriving at Beagle Point!


Thanks to everyone involved in organising this amazing expedition. I've learned so much about the game, made a bunch of friends, and had an experience to remember! Looking forward to DW3 one day, hopefully!
o7 Commanders.
- DopiusFishius
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