[DW2] Distant Worlds 2 Arrivals Thread

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Please use this thread for two things:

1. Fill out the form here in this post. Note, you do not need to repeat the information in the thread! You must fill in this if you wish to be officially acknowledged as having completed Distant Worlds 2, as well as receive the official Distant Worlds 2 decal!

2. Please feel free to optionally tell your story in the thread. Reply and make a nice comment to share your experience, say your thank yous, shout outs and anything else you feel like sharing.

Feel free to read through the thread and read everyone's comments and give reactions and replies. You can state your CMDR name and ask for friend requests and anything else that you feel like. We organisers will cherish this thread very much, it will be the final word on this Great Expedition we went on, a log of memories and a record of the incredible things that happened. We might even publish some of the replies in the book, or elsewhere so bear that in mind and feel free to state you don't wish your comment to go anywhere beyond this thread.

In order to qualify for an in-game DW2 ship decal, CMDRs MUST:
1) Be on the official Roster (https://bit.ly/dw2roster). There is NO POINT in filling out this Form if you are not.
2) Log in at Beagle Point at least once between April 22nd and June 13th included (UTC).
3) Fill out this form ACCURATELY. Nobody will come back to you if you made a mistake.

So here is the form. Please read carefully as it mentions everything you need to know about how things will work: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Y7Oh9wjMoGjd-k_dsd1LW94IYsohEtZEGzfBf5dez7M

Please note, BrettC will hopefully be posting this form into the second post so you don't need to click out of this forum.

Please note that if you arrive outside the window, or are not on the official roster with good reason but took part anyway, please realise we will deal with these on a case-by-case basis and some exceptions can be made, so long as this doesn't lead to opportunistic buckyballers jumping on now just to get the decal. Please be in touch with myself via pm or kaii@dr.com

There may also be a couple of things you can expect to get as a physical memory of the expedition, such as a mug and certificate, if there is interest. Please stay tuned for more information, which will also be included in the email you get with your decal code.

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Great job everyone involved! I can't fathom the amount of work that goes into making something like this run smoothly, and it's greatly appreciated by all (or at least many) of us. Most fun I've had in Elite Dangerous in a very long time.
Thank you to all the organizers, admins, discord mods, team leads, all the people who put in so much time and effort to make this a great experience for everyone.
I'm happy to have been a member of the DW2 team, both as a helper and with the Photo Team. This has been the most memorable experience I've had in my 3 years of playing the game.
Take a rest, guys n' gals. You've earned it.
Thank you to everyone involved in organizing the expedition. It's been a blast!

Arrived safely yesterday. I posted my image in 2 other threads, so I'll spoiler it here:

Spent three months nonstop preparing for the event by farming materials and engineering my ship. Took a trip to the core in the same ship to get a taste of what I signed up for and see if I got the guts for it.

All of that for this view in the end.

No regrets here.

fun fact: originally, my ship had a range of 21ly before FSD boosters were added. And I fully intended to take part with that range. Glad I got to boost it to 33ly though.
Thanks for setting this up, detailing all the waypoints and POIs!
I had fun taking/sharing screenshots and exploring near/around each of the waypoints (I like hunting for O-class stars)

Now to sart the trip back home :)




Thank you everybody involved in this ! It was an awesome time for me. Glad to be able to take part and meet a lot of other explorer. Thanks to the Seal-hull et the fuel-rats for their help too ! (I totally needed the rats after my tank totally emptied after a bad planned neutron jump, where was lost with only 5-6mn life support !!)

To the organizers, the activities were on point ! The itinerary was overall great and I was very very very pleased with the maps proposed on the thread and the POI propositions. The roles declination were great even if i felt a bit disconnected of all that once in the black.

On every steps, I met awesome people. I hear stories, laughed, played, RPed. Everyone was careful and helpful with each other. I really want to empathize how everyone made this great.

And well, we freaking builded a spaceport at Sag*. How awesome is that ?!

It was great, and i'll certainly go back next time ! 3307 DW3 ? I think we might need to build a little something at beagle, we sure need a place to eat after such a journey isn't it ? :)

o7 to all and safe return trip for those who'll go back.

Salah Didosage Of the Anaconda "Discovery" 780-DW. Explorer-Photograph
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I can only reiterate the comments of the above CMDRs. It has been a fantastic journey and I really appreciate all the work that the organisers have put into it to make the trip one to remember. Fly safe o7
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