[DW2] Distant Worlds 2 - A Journey of Discovery

Congrats on reaching the end goal Nazo (y)

If its any comfort, I heard from a guy a few months ago whose still out there from the DW1 days, and hasn't made it back yet from that first expedition! I'm sure there are others still out there too - still following the DW1 or DW2 routes and visiting the POIs and basecamps along the way, after all this time. :cool:
I am actually still en route to Beagle
Congratulations Nazo! I didn't leave Beagle Point until 4 months after DW2 was finished, and I'm still within 400 Ly of Beagle Point now. Just leisurely jumping and mapping when I feel like it. Enjoying the amazing sights and solitude.
I'm still somewhere off the outward side of between Colonia and the bubble on my way back meandering around. I think maybe it's partly my excuse to not progress more in the meta game and just enjoy the galaxy for a while... in spite of not being a huge fan of the intended exploration game-play since the Exploration update.

Anyway, congratulation Nazo and others as well, of course. o7
Heck, I'd recommend the DW2 route to anyone new to the game who has an interest in extreme-long-range exploration and wants to see some of the more amazing places in the game. I didn't finally get back to Explorer's Anchorage on my exploration account until June 2020...

IMO, the view of the Milky Way from Semotus Beacon is enough to justify the trip. I still have that as my desktop background on my computer.
I know what you mean, though Beagle Point will have to suffice for now... :)


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