[DW2] Community Goals

It was estimated that some of the top-10-commanders in CG1 managed to mine around 400 tons per hour.

I was in a wing with Jake P on the first day (He had the #1 spot on CG1) and we had the same ship, just slightly different loadout.
I had 1 more laser and 3 more limpets active than him.
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Takes me about two hours (maybe less) to fill up my 512 ton cargohold when wing-mining in the Bauxite hotspot.
It's all about the right amount of lasers and limpets and teamwork.

I think it is the wing part that benefits most - watching the system chat with folk winging up to mine. I can strip a rock faster (mostly) than my 6 collectors can retrieve, unless the angle is perfect and they outstrip the laser.
I'm getting ready for the next session, every bit helps :)
Came from the bubble specifically for this CG, but arrived kinda late at the party.
I spent the entire Saturday to grind guardians, then outfit and engineer an Anaconda.
Started mining late afternoon on Sunday and it was sloppy at the beginning, but last night i managed to deliver like 525 tons by doing 2 runs totaling about 3 hours
2 medium mining lasers, 8 limpets and a bauxite hot spot made quite a difference

Realistically the best i can get is maybe top 10%

Anyways, impressive community effort and congrats everyone
Wing mining definitely helps. I run 11 limpets on the T9 right now, and I have to be careful, since anyone near me with a small number of limpets will probably just keep feeding mine. The only benefit to the other player, is that they don't wait as long for the ore fragments to get scooped up, and so we spend more time moving on to the next rock. :D

By myself, it takes maybe 90 minutes to fill 512 tons. I haven't timed it though, so that's a rough estimate. I've already contributed over 3000 tons, but I've only been doing one mining run each evening, usually, occasionally with a second run. 9000+ would totally be doable if I were doing 4+ runs per evening.
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I have around 1,000t contributed. I had what was probably my last load for the CG last night, 352t in my conda. I'm only able to get one run in a night and since I have to take my daughter to volleyball practice tonight, I likely wont get any time tonight. Anyways, last load. Coming through the mail slot I noticed my headlights were still on. Being the retentive I am, I switch off my lights, but I didn't hold "B" down long enough and it registered as a boost... into the back wall...full speed...no shields. Lost it all. So, that's probably it for me this CG, unless theres still a need tomorrow.
... but I didn't hold "B" down long enough and it registered as a boost... into the back wall...full speed...no shields. Lost it all...

Been there, done that. Except it was an asteroid while I was trying to lower the cargo hatch. At least the shields and hull reinforcement package saved me.

On that note, I hope a repair limpet controller becomes available at EA. I should have equipped one before I left the bubble, but instead I installed a refinery (which I could buy at EA).
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My little ‘conda does 138 tons with a fully loaded refinery. I can get this up to 360 tons if I radically reconfigure my ship. But that is still a lot of trips.

I have my 'Conda doing @ 67 LY hops in 'Explorer' mode...after WP5 - I 'swung by' Colonia for first time - and bought as much 'top shelf' mining gear as I could lay my hands on (not being sure what the CG at EA would offer...)...After I got to EA - I paid the transfer fee to move the mining gear (as well as well as a bigger Power Plant from my home port in the Bubble to keep the mining lasers happy)...

So here's my 'Conda currently in mining mode:


Officially she holds 356...but I wring the scraps outta the refinery as well - I think I got 359 Bauxite last run...Playing haphazardly - so just in solo - I am not even in a 'hotspot' - just pristine rocky rings....probably doing between 175-225 tons/hr...so I need @ 90 minutes for a run...Happy to be in top 10% payout level - currently just over 3000 tons delivered....I'll probably manage another 2-3 runs before the CG expires...

And as soon as the 'mining grind' ends - my lovely 'Neutron-Fury-AXR' (Anaconda eXtra Range....or perhaps this trip: ....eXploration-Research?) - gets her original "Everything- including the kitchen sink" exploration modules refitted (in EA storage):


Once we get outta 'Gankerville' - I'll probably drop into the Mobius PG - love to have some multi-ship pictures for my album...

See you in the Black...


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Since we were unable to access the board for a day, are they going to extend it a day?

Doubtful - in the past when the start of a CG has been flubbed they tend to drop the requirements rather than extend the time period. And since we've already reached a high tier they won't bother dropping the requirements.
Started to mine in a 202t Python when top10% was at 770t...
Ten rounds and I thought I am save with that 2kt...
Dropped into top 25% now.
You are a crazy bunch of ppl! :D
I am using a 192t Python. 2,564 delivered and I am in Top 10%. You are close ;)
Mine is outfitted with 3x 64t racks, too.
Just dont forget to fill up your refinery to get 10t free cargo space :)
I doubt I will have some gaming time until tomorrow evening, so that ship has sailed ;)
Mine is outfitted with 3x 64t racks, too.
Just dont forget to fill up your refinery to get 10t free cargo space :)
I doubt I will have some gaming time until tomorrow evening, so that ship has sailed ;)

I just broke 1k in my Python. Missed the first 4 days due to the mission board bug and I was AFK for the w/end. Should get a few hours this evening to see if lvl 11 is do-able, but also make sure I stay in top 25%. Hoping to get another 2-3 loads done in the time left.
I've delivered a little over 4000 tons so far, but all that mining has taken its toll (probably 30 hours worth!) so don't think I'll be adding much more to the total - finished for tonight, but may be able to do 2 more runs tomorrow before the CG closes, I do hope with the players involved that 11 is reached.
I'm on my last run now, should be about 1,500t by the time I'm done.

The bar covered more of the gap between 10 and 11 than I was expecting between last night and this, maybe we'll make it...
I'm done now too.

I've mined 2550T's of the stuff, currently in the top 10%, but I'v swapped all my mining gear back into storage now. If I drop down to top 25% sobeit......what's 20mil less credits when you've got a 4.1bil balance anyway?

Hoping maybe Repair Limpet Controller appears soon.........just in case!
Stage 4 of construction has been deployed.

The CG hasn't quite wrapped up yet, but it's definitely not completing Tier-11 now. Still, it's pretty impressive that it got that far past Tier-10, I must say! :D

I finished out last night at 5,200 tons contributed, leaving me in the top 10%.
Six thousand and one tons. Not a heroic quantity but Cheaper than Dirt needn't slink home in shame.

However, the truly miraculous achievement was that I mined on every day of the CG, often two and on one day three trips - and not once did I leave Explorer's Anchorage without limpets!
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