Distant Worlds II Event DW II - Roles - Fleet Truckers

I wish there was a real in-game reward for bringing rares and everything necessary for a colony to the other side of the galaxy. RP is ok but in-game is better... Love the idea, BTW.
Just adjusted my primary role to Logistics on the signup... (it took me a bit to decide for sure what direction I wanted to go). I'll have 256t of cargo space available in my cutter (minus a bit for repair limpets).

Cheers. come on the discord and we'll see what we can do closer to the date.
It's my pleasure to announce CMDR Error010255 as our Supreme Collector.

He has single handedly collected nearly half of all rares required for Distant Worlds.
That's 63 rares in total!

PC Collected 79.08%
PC Completion 78.01%

XB1 Collected 41.18%
XB1 Completion 33.33%

I am happy with the progress of Fleet Logistics on PC side.

XB1 side is coming along.

We are in need of a trustworthy cmdr to function as a warehouse on PS4.

Help us spread the word.
New news has come out here: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/430404

The Fleet Mechanic role would like to tie in with the fleet logistics role.

This will include the following:

4) Logistics tie-in - Floating this as an idea for people to decide if they want it or not but - Nobody can use limpet synthesis (this not enforced and no repercussions but for the fun of the roleplay I'd ask everyone to take part). Instead we meet up with logistics carriers to restock if our initial reserves are used up. This also relies on Olivia Vespera agreeing as she is running the logistics side of things.
This won't work for anyone dual running as Fuel Rats and Fleet Mechanics since the Fuel is often a time critical emergency type deal.

Do share your thoughts in that thread over the overall idea. For Truckers going on the expedition, I'd love to hear your insight. is this something you'd like to do?
Hey folks, just wanted to let you know that PC gathering side of things are done. There's still guardian and thargoid stuff but that should wait until closer to the date.
I have not been responsive for several months but I still intend to go.

I have been working on upgrading my T9. I have taken to practice runs into the black.

My third practice run is intended to be with a full load of limpets and repairing mechanical / Emergency Equipment.

I am on Xbox and while I don't go to the Forum frequently as it's inconvenient with my particular phone I am still around and intend to bring a T9 filled with emergency repair and Fuel and limpets and stuff like that.

Topher "KenobiTheWizard" Connors

@topherconnors on Twitter
As a member of Dark Echo I would be happy to supply as many blood diamonds from the cherbones system as are needed. Just pm me how many you need and what storage account to contact and i’ll Recruit a crew to load ya up.
Hi folks it's been a long time.

I've got some stuff to share with you folks.

Currently we have 32 truckers on this discord who I assume will be going on DWE and we have about 1,931t of rares collected on PC and 230t of rares collected on XB1 (good job! @Gatherer)

That means each cmdr will be carrying about 67 individual rare commodities on the expedition. That number may rise or drop depending on whether we gain or lose truckers before preloading day or goddess forbid, a warehouse. For most of you though who've brought big big ships. You won't be flying on a full cargo load so there's a bit of wasted space.

Thankfully you will have a use for them during the expedition.

I need to stress that this is still a work in progress and there are no guarantees that the megaship will work the way we have proposed to FDev. The plans that erimus has written is amazing. Feel free to ask me questions.

From the organizers themselves, we're working with FDev to try and bring about the creation of a Distant Worlds Megaship. Note that this isn't a carrier. It's going to be a megaship propper.
Not only that, it will travel with us during the expedition.
Not only that, It will require refueling before each jump!
but bot only that! There are going to be a fleet of squadron carriers coming on the expedition for each division in distant worlds and all of them will need refueling!

Exploration, Armed escort, Mining, Logistics (yes we get one too!), Science Project, Medicorp, Rogue

Fleet Logistics is going to play a pivotal role in keeping us going. by working in concert with DW2 divisions (like mining)

That's where you come in. Anyone with spare cargo space is welcome to help out in the refueling efforts at each waypoint. It's going to be a massive undertaking, but I hope ultimately fun.

Now for you truckers here who are worried that this is too much. No sweat. your primary mission is still to safeguard your rare commodities. You don't have to join in on the refueling efforts.(edited)
@Gatherer @Trucker ^
PS4 Fleet Logistics

Your platform needs you!

We have collected 345t of rare goods to take with us on DW2 and currently have a T9 with about 250t of space. We need at least 95t of extra haulage capacity.

If you have already signed up as a Trucker, please drop us a line on the Discord and let us know how much you are able to take.

If you haven't yet signed up, and you have cargo space on your ship, please consider doing so.
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Heads up folks. This is where we're at:

PC rare commodity quota, fully collected
PS4 rare commodity quota, fully collected
XB1 rare commodity quota, 6 types not collected yet.

Congratulations to all gathers and thank you to CMDR's operating as Warehouses for holding these rares.
We'll be having preload day a few weeks before the launch date.
Preload day is the day where you the truckers will be loaded with rare commodity from the warehouses.
We'll record your manifest and wish you good luck. You will need to hold your store till launch day so be careful!

We are still open for truckers on all three platforms
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Wolf fesh seems to be available now. PC has collected their allottment of it but if PS4 or XB1 would like to. that would be cool.

I should let folks know that we've renamed to Fleet Truckers to make it clearer as to what we do.

We're a part of a larger logistics team. working as storage for miners, medicorp, mechanics, fuel rats and all distant worlders.

Seeing how we're all connect, this is the role we were meant to be taken.

Media relating to Fleet Truckers will be steadily updated.
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We've just publicised the allocation of rares to all truckers.

There will be use for truckers during the expedition for mining related CG

for rare trucking, we're still looking for folks. Especially on XB1.
Are truckers still needed on XB1? I'm currently signed up as explorer/medicorp but if truckers are needed I could switch roles.
My trusty old Phantom and I can truck for ya, if you need us. Heck give me a monkey and I'll be BJette and the bear.

My flight times are not very conducive to the US. I'm in the US but most of my flight time is between 0800 and 1400 cst M-Sat then all day on Sunday all day after church, and I mean all day :)

Let me know, if I'm needed.
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