Door Triggers? animation (3dsmax)

does anyone know whether we can make triggerable doors for rollercoasters?
Has anybody tried or had any success?

Im currently animating a worms Mouth which im intending to use as a Door that can be triggerered, where said rollercoaster will get gobbled up.

If the above is possible, do we have to animate the door openning and closing, or does planet coaster rely on 1 animation sequence, meaning you have to just animate the door openning and planet coaster reverses said animation?
reason i ask is that i have animated both openning and closing of the worms mouth, however both animations are different in their own right.


thanks xx
Yes you can trigger animation.
And yes you need to animate when the door closes. PC does not reverse the animation by itself.
Ok great.
How does planet coaster know where on the animation timeline that the door is closed or open mid animation?

Because in planet coaster from the doors are open and they close on a timer. so is there a specifc time on the animation timeline that is where the door is closed?
also the length of time the door is closed. is that dictated by the continious animation, or does planet coaster pause the animation at a specifc spot for a length of time?

theres no information what so ever on how doors work, from an animation perspective, you see so my apologies for the questions hehe.
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