Do I really have to toot a horn about no-fire zones?

I found out that the carrier will defend you. On my way back to the carrier from mining, I was attacked by a NPC anaconda. I wasn't equipped for fighting so I FSD back to the carrier. The NPC was attempting to inderdick me. but I dropped out of supercruise about 10 k from the carrier. The NPC dropped out right behind me and started to fire at me. I wasn't yet in the no fire zone and the carrier opened up on the NPC, that lasted a whole 5 secs. NPc became space dust. I wished I had recorded that but it happened to fast.
If you are hostile for the ruling faction, the police patrolling the carrier will instantly attack you when you get close to the carrier. They will keep firing even when you are docked, and the carrier won't do anything in this situation.

It may be for obvious reasons, but it looks a bit... weird though.
Have a setting where your FC will blow up any wanted commanders that get within range, including the owner. Add the bounties to the carrier balance.
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