Distant Radio 3305 - the dedicated Distant Worlds radio station

We are still looking for groups that would like to have lore-friendly commercials played on the radio. Message ThatMykl here or you can find him on the Fleetcomm Discord server.
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Recommend trying to get hold of Cmdr Chob for an interview slot; his/her/its contributions during DECE were some of the best conversations we had in the forum thread!!
If he's actually up to saying more than 3 different words, he's more than welcome :)
Well you have 2 ads from me already with more in the coming weeks so use them if you would like for the test. You guys call the shots on when to air stuff I just make it.

Also if anyone wishes to help with ads for the radio you can contacts me as well. I’m working on large ads (ship manufacturers) but small ones are always appreciated. They don’t need to be complex a simple image or little clip with audio. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.
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