Discussion Thread #6 - Who are your fav PlanZo content creators?

I love a lot of the content creators but I think I miss Mike Sheets the most. His videos on landscaping and his 'zoo fixits' (or whatever they were called) really transformed the way I do may own landscaping and habitat design. His advice on using a limited palette of plants to help maintain the visual unity of the zoo was game changing for me. So far as I've seen, he's not posting (at least in PZ) anymore.
In addition to the many excellent creators already named, I would like to add a German one, Beam. He started with PZ right with the beta. What I found very interesting is how quickly he devloped. His first habitats were flat and rectangular, but he quickly became a master of habitats. Very tight builds, great terraforming. particularly his second large zoo is a harmonious, cohesive unit, not just a collection of various habitats. just like a puzzle where all the individual pieces fit perfectly together. And he’s a very nice guy and it’s fun listening to him and watching him. He has three zoo series: beta, release version, and a new zoo with the East Asia pack earlier this year. so if you understand German, check him out!

My favorites are Leaf, LionRider, and Thrive for their speculation and building prowess and comedy. Besides them my favorites are PartyElite for his franchise focus. Franchise is my favorite mode cause it makes your zoo feel connected more. I also really love National Jurassic for his focus on nature and animal shots they’re peaceful and beautiful
I love them all! ❤️

But my first thought goes to PaulsLey, who taught me my first steps in PZ, the use of menues and shortcuts, which the game/tutorial failed to do. He taught me, what mistakes I made, how to do better and never give up and he made me love the game. My second thought though is Mike Sheets and his brillant and inspiring videos.
I miss both of them very much.
I haven't watched that many, to be honest. Of the few I've seen, I'll go with:

@DeLadysigner (I learned to build domes with your video and you always seems super positive despite everything crashing down)
@Leaf Productions (creates cool content and your speculation videos are fun)
BestInSlot (his were the very first I've seen, and I always said to myself: "I'll never build like this". Now, I can build half as good😆)

And, those are the 3 (and only 3) I've seen
Frankly, @cesar creates because his content never seizes to amaze me, and his videos contain such passion and joy for this game that is really contagious for my own inspiration to play PZ. And I really can't believe his name isn't mentioned here more frequently; his videos might be a little longer than average, so it's understandable that not everyone has the time to watch them, but quality-wise his channel is at the top of my list of favorite PZ content creators.

I mentioned him first because many of the others are frequently mentioned here, but I also really enjoy what DeLadySigner, Haribo, Hypothetically Jay, @Iben, @Leaf Productions, PoisonBlade, Rudi Rennkamel, SimplySavannah and @ZSHplays are doing (listing them alphabetically because I don't want it to look like I prefer any of them over the other). Whenever I find time to play, which hasn't been that often recently, I'll catch up with some of their videos. BestInSlot also has some amazing videos for creativity builds, but uploads PZ videos only very infrequently.

I also loved PaulsLey's videos, hope he's doing well.
I watch video's of Content Creators that don't obviously use mods, since I don't want to use mods myself in support of the Frontier Dev team. Personally I think using mods is rude when a game is still being worked on/updated regular.

I watch and follow Iben/ZWED and Cesar Creates and occasionally watch some Rudi and ZooF video's. Used to be a big fan of BongoHardwood as well :)

What I like in Content Creators in general is of course creating items that are engaging and fun to watch. But mostly, they don't do it for the followers/subsribers/money etc, but more because they really like it and want to share it. Of course it's fine to promote stuff because you're sponsored etc, but don't go "lets make the ... subs or hit the ... likes". That's a big turnoff for me. In the same subject I rather have some people just uploading when they feel like it or have created something worth sharing, than having a regular posting roster, but after a week or 2 their creative flame is burnt out and they take a break... that's such a shame. That's why I hope other Content Creators try enjoy their gameplay a bit more and are less focused on growing a community/fanbase.
On Youtube I always like to watch Matze macht Mucke.
But also Longmaron, Sean McBeard and Beam always craft nice things. Lately I look but again and again only with Matze purely.

From the workshop I have downloaded from Valli Lu the carriages, including horses, and find them beautiful.
They are a MUST in my zoo, just like the castle of Ophelia_Lupus.
I also got a few other objects, from others, but so real favorite pieces are not yet, but great they are anyway.
Personally I think using mods is rude when a game is still being worked on/updated regular.
Personally disagree with you there, a lot of great games with ongoing support have thriving modding communities that are supported by the devs, such as Minecraft, Stellaris, Hearts of Iron etc. It's not like Frontier themselves have said they think it's rude, they just don't officially support it. Supporting mods and supporting Frontier aren't mutually exclusive. Back to the topic at hand, I think you're losing out on a lot of awesome content creators with this narrow minded point of view. I mean at this point, almost all big YouTubers have dabbled with it in one way or another (yes even Iben).
When a developer does support it, I think its fine, like Megaquarium does. But when a developer doesnt openly support it, I feel that its a middlefinger to their work, especially when somebody calls the mods "Frontier quality stuff". But thats my opinion, you're free to disagree with me ^^ And like I said: I follow Content Creators who aren't too obviously using mods. Like fully modded parks and only using modded animals.

Each to their own, I am just more of a purist. I don't mind people using them, just think it's not nice to use them when showcasing a game, aka what Creators do.

That's just my taste, like I might like pineapple on a pizza while others think that's a disgrace to the Italian Pizza Gods :p
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