Dinosaur Wishlist Mega Thread

Size doesn’t really matter because she just cuts them to pieces. At least Ankylodocus can have a fighting chance if an update puts that armor to good use. A modified Ankylosaurus proves that.
But the Argentino deserves it too, being the biggest land animal ever. Maybe we could consider the possibility of an update that

*Changes the Ankylodocus model
*Adds Argentinosaurus
*Allows both to fight the Indominus
*Allows other sauropods to fight large carnivores that aren't the I-Rex
*Allows the Nigersaurus to fight large carnivores that aren't the I-Rex

It could be called "The Sauropod Update"
That makes her less special. You’re not changing my mind. Indominus can kill any sauropod she wants. Only Ankylodocus has a fighting chance. The tall sauropods cohabit with other carnivores. The ground sauropods cohabit with small carnivores. Amargasaurus, Nigersaurus, and Saltasaurus are killed by medium and large carnivores. Shunosaurus can fight them but has no chance against Indominus, so ha!
That makes her less special. You’re not changing my mind. Indominus can kill any sauropod she wants. Only Ankylodocus has a fighting chance. The tall sauropods cohabit with other carnivores. The ground sauropods cohabit with small carnivores. Amargasaurus, Nigersaurus, and Saltasaurus are killed by medium and large carnivores. Shunosaurus can fight them but has no chance against Indominus, so ha!
Listen to yourself
The Australopithecus would also give you unique achievements

First Man- Successfully Incubate and Release an Australopithecus
Survival of The Fittest- Have an Australopithecus kill a sick dinosaur
Day off- When an Australopithecus catches a disease
Evolving- Have an Australopithecus kill any Medium-sized carnivore
Unfamiliar Predator- Have an Australopithecus be killed by any carnivorous dinosaur
The Thrill Of the Hunt- Have an Australopithecus hunt and kill any herbivore
The Two STEGOSAURs I want in Jurassic world Evolution are.....

MIRAGAIA-This Long Legged and Long Necked Stegosaur is absolutely gorgeous and would be awesome to see in our parks, a dinosaur I could imagine being more agile than any other Stegosaur and also faster when it comes to running.

DACENTRURUS-A Buzzare And also Beautiful dinosaur this animal would prove to be just as unique as any other stegosaur in the game and would be a fantastic addition just like its cousin MIRAGAIA.
Just thought I'd summarise and add a couple of the stranger suggestions I've thought up as a sort of Dino pack (though it can't really have an opposite, considering the nature of the game licence).

Inaccurate dinosaur pack

- Late Cretaceous, Argentina - Lago Colhué Huapí Fm. (most likely, but could be other Chubut group members)
-Arboreal Ceratopsian-
Mainly inspired by the Microceratops from the Jurassic Park novel, it also seems like the only type of potential for a member of the Ceratopsid paleobotany group to use the Tall herbivore feeder.
Notoceratops as a candidate is only known from a single, toothless jaw, that we now only have drawings of (so alot of freedom with design) and might not be a ceratopsian at all.
Morphology wise, something akin to Leptoceratops (that's more quadruped) as a base would likely be best, with the main different feature being opposing digits, either one like a monkey/possum, or two like a koala/chameleon. Also, in a general sense, the forelimbs of climbers tend to curve forward (particularly the ulna in mammals, though for a ceratopsian the ulna is quite short, so it might be more so the humerus for this).
In terms of things it could climb, there's the Tall feeder and potentially reusing the code for interaction, I could imagine a future placeable tree or two being suitable for resting.

Qantassaurus - Early Cretaceous, Australia - Wonthaggi Fm. (aka Flat Rocks)
-Hopping Ornithopod-
Hopping dinosaurs is generally a pretty old, outdated idea (originally for theropods), though the idea of the Othnielia from the Jurassic Park novel is something I'm quite the fan of. Having them hop like a kangaroo and be arboreal though is probably a bit much given the game context and amount of effort.
Qantassaurus as a candidate has limited material (being known only from jaws and teeth), leaving freedom with design and is named after a company who has a kangaroo as it's logo.
Proportion wise, I'd say leg proportions should change, with Kangaroos having a longer shin in particular, though accurate proportions for the type of dinosaur could work too. Having a bulkier tail might also help with balance appearance. One other thing to remember is the padding for the foot extending up to the ankle, particularly if it rests on them.
Also pentapodal movement would be difficult/impossible for such short limbed animals, so being able to walk moving their legs independantly is logical, such as with Tree Kangaroos and the extinct Sthenurine kangaroos, though it's your choice as to whether or not it walks on it's ankles.

Brachypodosaurus - Late Cretaceous, India - Lameta Fm.
-Fishing Ankylosaurian-
The idea of a fish eater Ankylosaur isn't new, Liaoningosaurus has been found with fish in it's stomach area (though there are explanations other than being a piscivore, such as movemont of bones after death), however it is probably too small to be a realistic candidate (about 34cm long as a possible adult) and really needs proper swimming animations both in and outside of the fish feeder.
Brachypodosaurus as a candidate leaves a lot of freedom with design (known from a single foot-long leg bone, whole animal estimated at 4m I think) and it may actually be a Plesiosaur, so a partial diet of Fish would be fitting if that's the case. Even if it is actually a dinosaur, the diet might not be too far-fetched, given it's island habitat of India. The name is also safe as a dinosaur in Indian textbooks, due to being the first ever dinosaur described by a local, Indian patriotism should not to be underestimated.
Design wise, there are multiple avenues you could take to make it adapted to a "fishing from the shore" type of lifestyle, suitable to use of the fish feeder.
My personal preference involves it's tail having a long, rigid part on the end, suitable for whacking and stunning fish when submerged (like the bill of a swordfish), with the animal then collecting prey with it's mouth, though alternatively you could go for a more passive style of fishing, having a worm-like end to the tail to use as bait (like the tail of a death adder).
I was thinking that a slightly longer skull would also make sense, though keeping the triangular profile from the top. The beak could be strongly serrated and maybe slightly hooked to fall in line with the style of crocodile/Spinosaurid/plesiosaur teeth, or at the very least hooked at the end like an eagle.
Hooked claws on the front limbs is also something that could be done, though I'd figure it's best to limit the Spinosaurid commonalities when possible.
You could have the Fishing Ankylosaur of choice be either omnivorous or purely a fish eater. From a defensive perspective you could make it defenceless, or give it minimal defences attacking in the same manner as the Nodosaurs. If going for the sword-tail design you could also potentially have a finisher that involves being pierced by it (with kills of people by swordfish being accidental, I don't really see it being useful defensively, but if it didn't use it that way, people would complain about wasted potential).

Honourable mention

- Late Cretaceous, Australia - Griman Creek Fm. (aka Lightning Ridge)
-Alvarezsauriform Megaraptorid-
Based on the fact that it was once classed as a giant Alvarezsaur, I was thinking a sort of inbetween design would be interesting, being known only from it's large claw there's a fair bit of freedom. Also being a carnivore it gets around the need for insects of actual Alvarezsaurs.

I'm pretty sure most aren't particularly into this sort of thing (ranging from historical inaccuracy to straight up making stuff up) and that's completely understandable.
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Some ideas just hit in my head. For the dinosaurs DLC Pack:

Jurassic Dinosaur Pack
1. Yangchuanosaurus
2. Tuojiangosaurus
3. Monolophosaurus
4. Saurophaganax (if possible)
5. Miragaia

Tyrannosaur Dinosaur Pack:
1. Tarbosaurus
2. Guanlong
3. Daspletosaurus
4. Gorgosaurus
5. Teratophoneus

Owen Grady's DLC Pack:
1. Pyroraptor
2. Utahraptor
3. Austroraptor
4. Dakotaraptor
5. Dromaeosaurus

140305-torvosaurus-krasovskiy-dino-315p_bcb7707149e58d2875f185ceb75b24aa.fit-760w (1).jpg







Update 1.11 or 1.12 SANDBOX SETTINGS
Improved Weather Control-Weather Length, When Weather Starts.
Carnivores Initiate Fights-Carnivores of The Same Species cannot kill each other when overpopulated and also can coexist with other species of carnivores of the same size but still have interaction using intimidation like herbivore initiate fights except extended to carnivores unable to kill each other in the same Paddock.
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("Plausible" land non-dinosaurs list)

Before we get started, I must confirm what I know and what Frontier have confirmed countless times already. Frontier Developments have stated already that their current focus for the game in regards to dinosaurs, even in the most informal sense, are the land dinosaurs. This means their current focus doesn't include water stuff like mosasaurus or flying stuff like pteranodon or dimorphodon. Their focus right now are the actual dinosaurs themselves. However, given of how some land non-dinosaurs are given some attention elsewhere in the franchise, I do believe there is at least some little potential for at least a few land non-dinosaurs to be in the game, as in, land non-dinosaurs you can hatch and release from the Hammond Creation Lab to let them wonder in your parks. BUT, if non-land dinosaurs are to be planned and decided as a thing for Jurassic World Evolution, I believe the number of species should be limited to 1 (minimum) or 5 (maximum), that way the dinosaur dinosaurs can still be the big focus for the game and the developer team. And in regards to what types, I believe they should all be reptilian, meaning no mammals or amphibians or birds from wherever during, after or before the Mesozoic era (with one potential exceptional period). From time range of potential selected species, I think itshould be limited from the Permian (a period just before the Triassic and the first dinosaurs) to the entire Mesozoic era. It would be classified as a "Small Carnivore".
Below are five examples of what kinds of reptilian non-dinosaurs could have the potential to be in the game. The first one is the most obvious and definitely very feasible if land non-dinosaurs are to be a thing:

1. Dimetrodon
This is a mammal-like reptile with a distinctive sail on its back from the Permian period. It is commonly seen as a contemporary as the dinosaurs and was sometimes seen as one (thought probably more so in the past) even though it's neither, giving it more potential to be in the game. Furthermore, it is a reoccurring creature in the franchise as a whole, appearing both in plenty of video games and even as a diorama species in Lockwood Manor in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Whether or not the animal in Fallen Kingdom was intended to be a taxidermied specimen or just a generic fake sculpture, it's very JP film authentic by design, and something looking like that for the animal I can definitely see being for the game if decided for it. This animal would be classified as a "Small Carnivore".

(The following four species are examples I think could work, assuming if more than one is planned and decided.)

2. Postosuchus
A crocodilian like animal from the Triassic Period. A bipedal archosaur, this predator is a contemporary of the dinosaur age. Because it is, in my opinion, one of the most well-known land archosaurs from the Triassic, it would be an ideal choice for a reptilian non-dinosaur for the game. This example choice was partially inspired by the fact it has been in Jurassic World merchandise in recent times but more importantly, it's a reoccurring species in other Jurassic World games. It would be a "Small Carnivore" in-game due to its actual size comparison to humans.

3. Desmatosuchus

This is another land archosaur from the Triassic period, but unlike the postosuchus, this animal is an herbivore. It is also another fairly famous archosaur from the Triassic because of its armored back structure. Since it has spikes coming out of the shoulders, this could be a herbivore that could fight back certain carnivores. For the paleobotany system from Claire's Sanctuary, this would introduce a new herbivore type category with a specific choice of plants that would be good, neutral, and bad for it. It could either be classified as a "Small Herbivore" because of its size, or maybe even "Armored Herbivore" considering it's quadrupedal like all the other armored herbivores and with a possibility of going into combat with other certain carnivores at the same time if decided.

4. Erythrosuchus
A giant sized predator from the early Triassic, living primarily before the first dinosaurs have even appeared. But since this is a Mesozoic organism, I think this could still fit well with what this game aims to be. It's a quadrupedal animal with a massive thick looking head, different from the other species listed here. Because of the unusual size of the head, I'm questioning whether or not it could be something that could swallow up goats, humans and homalocephale whole. Regardless, I see this being classified as a "Large Carnivore" as it would be a big powerful looking beast of a predator in a similar length or so to that of the Indoraptor, an in-game dino that's classified as a large carnivore.

5. Deinosuchus
A giant prehistoric crocodile from the Cretaceous. Assuming there will be deep water at some point in the future, as I conceptually posted in an earlier thread of mine, not only would this is an animal that could definitely be wondering around more around areas with water when released into your parks, it would probably be a species that would require an amount of deep water in its enclosure, if that could be in any way possible. It would still eat meant from meat feeders and goats from live bait dispensers. Ambushing in shallow water would probably be so, kinda like the baryonyx ambushing idea in another thread of mine. But drinking and ambushing in deeper water? I'm not so sure how those would work for it in-game though. But in any case, this predator is something that could have potential because not only has it appeared in already appeared in another video game in the franchise, this species's DNA was also utilized in the creation of the Indominus rex! According to the holographic text of the Indominus's hologram in the Lockwood Manor labs in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the hybrid's irregular looking teeth was because of Deinosuchus DNA! Clear irrefutable proof that Deinosuchus DNA exists in the franchise's film lore and universe, the theme that which this game aims to have in that respect as planned since the beginning with Universal Pictures's help. This creature would be classified as a "Large Carnivore" if something like what I said above could become a thing in the far future.

(There are more DLCs in the making, but whether or not either of the above land non-dinosaurs are "currently" being planned or are in the making for any of the two currently actively worked on DLCs, I still wanted to post this out there for them.)
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