Release Detailed search of systems

This is a repost, since probably the other one was in the incorrect part of the forum.

Hi commanders!

I am aware of the third party tools developed to interact with Elite's data. The most complete that I know of is EDDB. Actually, this data base gives for free .csv and .json files containing all the data available at the moment (with regular updates and all).

However, the interface is not so detailed as one (I) would like. For example, I would love to be able to do searchs of the following type: I am at system A and I want to get a list of systems B (by order of distance) that are in boom state and such that near B there exists a system C witihin 8ly-14ly and such that system C has a population bigger than 10M. This is basic data base searching and certainly it wouldn't be that difficult to implement having already all those .csv and .json files. It is just a lot of work.

I was wondering if I'm missing any third-party tool or if it should be me that programs this thing. I have googled and search through different data-bases.

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