Departing Frontier Station, for deep space, Commanders

Greetings Commanders,

Let me start by saying that all of you are awesome, dedicated, devoted, maybe a little fanatic, and ultimately, true to the community. From the explorers and alien hunters to our PVP players, and everyone in-between, all of you make Elite what it is. Without you, the Elite Dangerous community wouldn't be where it has evolved to today.

Watching and helping the Elite community grow on the forums, from about a mere 15 of you in the old Elite section (you know who you are on these forums from way back when!) to the many thousands of you today, with a heavy heart, the 6th of September will be my last day at Frontier Developments.

It's been an incredible four years serving as one of your Community Managers. It has been a great pleasure seeing the yearly Frontier stream, watching the donations for charity come in for a great cause. I love seeing the events that you all in the community have performed over the years, from Buckyball to Distant Worlds, Fuel Rats rescue live streams, even the PVP community events. Watching the sheer excitement within the community when the ‘Unknown Artefacts’ came to be, and when Thargoids made their grand entrance, was something I won't forget. Every week, and continuing to this day, the /r/EliteDangerous subreddit always had something interesting posted - be it a discussion, media or screenshots, or a meme ( or an attempt thereof ;) ). I think Space Booty, the 'this is fine' comic, and the 'how to land' brick gif are still my favorites on there! It goes to show the real dynamism of the community, and how different everyone's playstyle is!

To give a little bit of history, I came to the Frontier forums in 2006 as a volunteer moderator primarily for the RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 section. If it weren't for Michael Brookes putting out his hand back in 2006, I wouldn't have been here today, and I am gratefully indebted to him for opening the door back then. Fast forward to 2015, and I was brought on as your Forum Community Manager and begun the long journey to growing out the Elite community on the forums.

Looking at today and in retrospect, I am humbled to see the Elite community so active and thriving on various social media sites and numerous other communities. Not to forget, there are so many Discord servers for Elite, that you all managed to make me reach the 100-server limit cap for quite some time! Every community and group within Elite are unique – I’ve seen it time and time again when browsing (lurking) through various servers that you all have invited me to idle on.

Over the years, I've met many faces, talked to many people - be it real life or virtually, maybe both in some cases! I've met many great people with my tenure at Frontier; there's no doubt about that.

With my parting words, looking forward before I turn the page into a new chapter, the future for Elite is bright... good things come in due time.

Thank you for the wonderful times, Commanders.

Brett C
Fly safe wherever you go (or just blast your own trail through whatever is in the way)!
See you in the black! o7
Brett I greatly regret never having managed to meet you, or indeed that many of the Frontier or Moderator team. Work and life kept getting in the way and I wish I could've squeezed in just one event to spend time with all your marvellous people. You were so dedicated to the Frontier Forums, so helpful with supporting and guiding the volunteer moderators and a great guy to converse with when the rare opportunity presented itself.

I hope you are moving on to fantastic things and I can only wish you all the very best for your future. Perhaps we may still see you about; we can only hope.

Take care, be awesome, and of course fly safe!
OMG, Brett is leaving!
I never had the honour of personally knowing you, and it saddens me that now it might never come to be.
For all this years you have been this shining star that has guided us during the darkest nights, and we are all immensely grateful for it.
You will be dearly missed Brett, but don't be a stranger. If possible, you can always stop by and say hi! The door will always be open for you.
Whoever is picked to replace you will have quite a sized pair of shoes to fill!

I wish you all the best Brett, take care of yourself. Godspeed.
Why. People move on with their jobs all the time. It is pretty standard. Not many stay in the same job for ever.
It's not that he's leaving, it's that he's leaving and we had the one before him leave not that long ago. When turn over is high, it's something to be legitimately worries about.
It's not that he's leaving, it's that he's leaving and we had the one before him leave not that long ago. When turn over is high, it's something to be legitimately worries about.
It's not high though. They had both been here for years. If they were leaving after 6 months, then yes, it would be something to worry about.
Hi @Brett C !
I'm a bit late but just want to add my thanks for running the forum so well and wish you the best for your next adventure.
See you in the black ;)
Cheers :)
See ya shorty, always looking over you

PS How are we going to get our leaked info. now they both gone?
FDev staff please apply to ........
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