Dear Santa... (mining fighter and subtypes)

So, I know I've been really good this year, and I only flew my spaceship for good, and helped out my friends, and evacuated dozens of burning space stations, even when they locked me out because I was trying to get inside a burning station but had a fender bender... but that's a grumble for another time.

Let me start over.

Dear Lakon,

I would like to suggest mining-specific fighters: Agile, maneuverable. Maybe not fast, but extra armored to handle all the bumps and bonks from flying around asteroids. No matter the type, I would like their utility slot to carry pulsewave scanners, and I would like them to be able to get into places the great big mining superheavies don't have a prayer of getting into.

Mining fighter type 1: Medium mining laser and pulsewave scanner: Good for supplementary mining of nearby rocks while the collectors on the mothership go to town.

Mining fighter type 2: Seismic charge launcher and PWS: Good for finding those great big motherlodes and cracking them wide open without trying to maneuver a hundred and a half meters of superheavy around.

Mining fighter type 3: Abrasion blaster and PWS: Tired of your limpets still getting hung up on stuff? Can't get maneuvered into place to knock that last Alexandrite chunk loose? When all you have is a hammer, then it sounds like you need a scalpel!

Mining fighter type 4: Sub-surface missile launcher and PWS: I mean... may as well round out the available hardware, right? In all seriousness, a maneuverable, small craft is perfect for placing that particular tool on-target.

Mining with friends in a big ship... imagine pals working together in the fighters to scan, plant charges, and knock chunks loose while the mothership scoops pieces like a mini-dredger. Or using seismic turrets on board the ship before both deploying abrasion fighters to sweep the rubble up. There are more options to SLFs than combat. Think of them like workbees from Star Trek, or the RB-79 Ball from Gundam. Think of friends, shooting the breeze, having a drink, laughing at each other for accidentally launching directly into a rock, because we have ALL launched a fighter into something at some point. Or a more professional mining crew, making credits hand over fist, or pretty much ruling a mining area while squadron mates drop down and take the processed mats elsewhere for missions or payment.

SLFs offer so much potential. A way of flying around in fighters and having fun on a carrier without it being combat-focus. A way to add multicrew to something other than a combat zone.

Please Santa?
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