Powerplay Faction: Yuri Grom Cycles 295 - 303 Consolidation, growth and assistance

The bear encountered 2 more threats over this time, an old enemy resurging from dark history and a new unprecedented menace with the potential to upset the whole of the galaxy.

His old nemesis has returned, skulking in the shadows just out of reach, but with ever increasing potency - afk turretboats, effectively stalling all Yuri’s expansion attempts or steamrolling through any expansions associated with Federal or their allies the Pirates.

Not one to waste time, resources and energy fighting the unseen enemy, he instead consolidated his territory and educated his cubs. He led them on an expedition to see far away nebula, unlock and visit old acquaintances such as Professor Palin and even older beings of legend such as the Guardians and their technology.

The newer but arguably more horrific enemy in the form of terrorists struck across Empire, Federation and Alliance space and whilst the Bear disagrees with many of the policies and actions of his counterparts he has complete disregard for terrorism. Leading through actions The Bear took his team and helped rescue thousands of evacuees regardless of status or allegiance from burning and collapsing stations.

Interesting times indeed.

The Eyes of Leshak
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