Powerplay Faction: Yuri Grom Cycles 282-286 The Wolves remove their masks

For weeks the wolves have been circling and nipping at the flanks of the Bear, sniping his vote away from consolidation to unwanted preparation, finally they struck in full.
The Federation undermined Yuri into turmoil with 7 systems on the chopping block.
Yuri's loyal followers responded quickly by fortifying all his systems within days.
The outcome was inevitable, a few systems would leave the caring embrace of the bearded one. However, which systems these would be could still be determined and the prized systems the Federation were after Hulluiche and Wulwula were saved.

An interesting and eventful few cycles, who said PP was dead?
The outcome -
Yuri lost 3 systems, his overheads reduced, contested systems were freed and he gained another 164cc, yes he came out stronger than ever.

Vote consolidation, oppose the 5c
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