Powerplay Faction: Yuri Grom Cycles 277-281 The Wolves strike back

The Bear satisfied in his dismissal of the wolves lumbered down to snooze. But the wolves had not been defeated, they had simply hidden.

Whilst he dozed they sniped the vote and pushed through 2 damaging systems as weapons against the Empire and Federation.

Refusing to accept this The Bear spoke to his neighbours about the potential damage and coordinated defence. The Empire and Federation saw wisdom in helping and both damaging expansions were defeated, the wolves routed once more.

Simultaneously The Bear pushed through his expansion into Medzistha, a profitable system for Yuri strengthening his economy again.

If you support Yuri and really want to help, dont just follow the in game UI which is misleading and often wrong, co-ordinate with us and fight together, be part of the outcome.

Vote Consolidation
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